SESG: Interface descriptions: how do you effectively describe interfaces?

The SESG would like to invite you to the next meeting at Krona classroom 1217, University of South-Eastern Norway, February 21nd 2019, 2pm to 5pm.

21 Feb

Practical information

  • Date: 21. February 2019
  • Time: 14.00 - 17.00
  • Location: Campus Kongsberg, Classroom 1217


Interfaces play a central role in system development. Question is how to effectively describe interfaces? There are many relevant aspects for each interface, and there are many interface design aspects common to classes of interfaces. There are static aspects and dynamic aspects. There are evolvability aspects (how to expand, retire, upgrade, ..) and instrumentation aspects (how to manage, verify, certify, ...). We look for practices and experiences in describing interfaces and in using interface descriptions.

Attendance is free, but please sign up to allow us to facilitate for the number of participants. 

Agenda and presenters

14:00-14:10  - Welcome and introduction.

14:10-15:00  - Presenters:

  • Todd Wohling (Intech) -  Interface Identification, Documentation, and V&V
  • Cecilia Haskins (NTNU: Associate Professor for Systems Engineering, USN: Associate Professor II)
  • Roger Berntsen (Kongsberg Maritime)


15:00-15:15  - Break

15:15-17:00  - Discussions in groups, wrap-up and closing

About SESG

The Systems Engineering Study Group meets at University of South-Eastern Norway, Kongsberg, Norway. The objective of the meetings is to exchange experience between people who are interested in Systems Engineering or who have the intend to become a Systems Engineer. The SESG discusses one theme per meeting, the subjects are one of many SE aspects. We have two to three meetings per year.

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