Student life in Notodden

Emma Ormset Husby. Photo

Among beautiful nature and historical grounds, you find Campus Notodden and a welcoming student community. “If you love a varied daily life with a lot of activity, this is the place for you,” says Notodden student Emma.

“Variation. That is the word I associate the strongest with Campus Notodden. Here we are not only students from all over Norway, but also exchange students from all over the world.”

Emma Ormset Husby is studying at a campus with a great variety in the areas of study, which you will soon notice when you arrive as a new student to Notodden.

“Here you will meet, among other things, talented sports students who invite to open training sessions, you will see creative art and craft students who set up dance shows and fashion shows in the student cafe, and you will hear talented music students playing blues and other genres as you walk through the corridors. Campus Notodden is a buzz with activity to put it plainly.



Buddy week

Emma guarantees that there will be a lot of activity when buddy week starts during the start of studies.

“The buddy week gives you a great opportunity to get to know the people you are going to study with for the coming years. Keep in mind that most new students who come to Notodden don't know anyone here from beforehand, so people will usually be very contact seeking and easy to talk to.

Through all the activities that take place during the first period of time, you will form a circle of people that will probably have fun with for the rest of your time at university as well. The people I hang out with the most today are the same ones I met during buddy week

Emma explains that the buddies, who lead the various buddy groups that new students are divided into, will be your guides for the initial period at USN. 

“They have already studied at least a year in Notodden, so they can answer just about any questions you have. The buddies and the buddy committee are the ones who plan buddy week, which this year is extended to span across two weeks. It's going to be incredibly cool with big events almost every day. Just look forward to the volleyball tournament, the scavenger hunts, barbecues, pub crawls and lots of other fun. 

Buddy week at Notodden. Photo

The buddies of Campus Notodden always do their utmost to take care of new USN students. (Photo: The buddy committee Notodden).

Student volunteerism in Notodden

Although buddy week offers two full weeks of fun, it is not the only opportunity you have to be active and social with your fellow students. In Notodden there are many different offers and organisations by and for students that you can join.

“StuA is the student’s own bar in the city centre with very student-friendly prices. A new board with a new chairman is in place, and now the ambitions are to extend the opening hours and have large events regularly. I have volunteered at StuA several times, and I recommend everyone to try out.

It's really fun to be at the bar while there's a full-fledged party at the venue. It gives you the perfect opportunity to chat with those who order something at the bar and get to know other students in the city

StuA student bar. Photo

The atmosphere is usually packed and good at the Notodden’s student bar, StuA. (Photo: StuA student bar).

In addition to StuA, participation in student sports at Notodden is a good way to meet fellow students outside of the lecture halls.

“Many students gather at the beach volleyball courts and at the sports hall on campus after lectures and on weekends. In the hall we have climbing walls and a court to be able to handle many different kinds of sports. We have sports ranging from most major team sports to climbing, yoga and karate. We also have a trekking club and a chess club.

There is also nothing to stop you from establishing new sports and hobby groups. 

If something is not offered, please contact the campus board for help establish one yourself.

Surrounded by nature

In addition to student sports, Notodden's location between mountains, lake and forest offers many opportunities for being active.

“I recommend all new students to make a trip to a small mountain top called Eikeskar. There you get great views of the city, and perhaps inspires you to embark on longer and tougher hikes.

"In Notodden and Telemark there is no shortage of hiking options to forests and mountains. Gaustatoppen, the highest mountain in the county, is something many students aim to climb during their time in Notodden.

Emma also thinks that winters at Notodden are a great time to be out in nature.

Go up to Grønkjær Ski Resort and strap on a pair of skis. Here it is full of ski slopes, both short and long distances. In addition, the Alpine centre at Kongsberg is just a short drive away and offers a student discount on ski passes.

Nature. Photo

With the areas in and around Notodden you have great opportunities to get fresh air after a long day at the lecture hall. (Photo: Emma Ormset Husby).

The cultural city of Notodden

In addition to magnificent nature experiences Notodden is a place for big and small music and cultural events. 

Norway’s biggest blues festival is held here every late summer, and otherwise during the year Bok og Blueshuset is the city’s cultural centre.  Here you can enjoy concerts, movies, theatre shows, a museum and a café. Football fans can watch the city team of Notodden FK play in Norwegian First Division for men. 

Campus Notodden is centrally located in Notodden, so you are within walking distance of everything in the city centre.

"Notodden is small and compact, which makes it very convenient for us students who often cannot afford to have a car. Students are also happily living together in student residences or apartments that they rent from private persons.

I live in a large shared house consisting of three floors, where eleven of us students live together. It will be quite a good atmosphere with great parties

Canoeing. Photo

Canoeing and kayaking trips are a popular activity among students in Notodden. Around Notodden there are several small and larger bodies of water that are great for paddling. (Photo: Ingvild Heggelund).

There is also a good atmosphere at Campus Notodden. Emma advises you to be open and curious about student activities and your fellow students.

“You will soon notice that students in Notodden know each other across areas of study.” People are here to study, but also to experience student life. Get out of your comfort zone and go meet people, and you will find that almost all students are in a frame of mind to get to know other students.

A good tip is to get to know the international students. They are usually on shorter stays and want to experience as much as possible in a short space of time. They are full of energy all the time, so if you can join them on trips and party with them, you are guaranteed to have a great time


Facts about Campus Notodden

Location: Campus Notodden is located next to the centre of Notodden in north-eastern Telemark. The municipality has just over 12,500 inhabitants, of which 9,000 live in Notodden town.

Number of students: approx. 1,185

Did you know?: Notodden’s long and strong industrial history has put the city onUNESCO’s world heritage list. The city is also very famous for its blues festival, and is often called the blues capital of Europe.

Facts about Emma

From: Averøy

Studying: Physical Education and Sports

Volunteer in: StuA student bar and the buddies committee at Campus Notodden

Best thing about studying at Campus Notodden: That you get to know so many welcoming and wonderful people. I think it's unbelievable how many nice and kind people there are at our campus.