Contest rules for Instagram – University of South-Eastern Norway

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Here you will find contest rules for USN's Instagram photo contests.

USN's Instagram contests are for students at USN.

The photos must be published/shared via an open Instagram profile in order to be considered.

The University has no ownership of the images but is entitled to use them free of charge in their own digital channels and marketing materials.

Free and unpaid use of the image means that owners and contributors will not be paid for use of the image. The photographer, however, retains ownership of the image, and we will credit the photographer with byline when we emphasize single images. Unfortunately, when using a feed with many pictures, byline will not be possible.

USN is not responsible for anyone else's abuse / illegal use of the image.

The University of South-Eastern Norway has the right to refuse participation in the competition, if the picture does not meet the terms and conditions of participation.

Images with inappropriate content will not be approved as contributions in the contest.

USN reserves the right to cancel the contest or reduce the prizes in the case of too few contributions or if the images do not meet the requirements of the competition.