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Popular Career Day for Refugees and Immigrants

career Day

USN with Labor and Welfare Department (NAV), Red Cross Stella-Center, Career centres in Tønsberg and Campus Vestfold, and Voksenopplæringen Tønsberg arranged a Career Day for Refugees and Immigrants on Campus Vestfold on the 12th of October, 2016.

Over 250 refugees and migrants from 40 different countries came to Campus Vestfold to get information on Career possibilities. We had 15 stands and a full day of lectures on such topics as Career management, Norwegian Labour and Wellfare Department NAV, General recognition of education from home country (NOKUT), Entrance to higher education (NUCAS) and  Complimentary education for nurses and teaches (HIOA) among others. All the lectures were translated to Arabic and streamed.


NOKUT (General Recognition of Education from Home Country)

NUCAS (Entrance to Higher Education in Norway)

HIOA (Complementary Education to Nurses and Teachers)


Career Management