Refugee Guide to Higher Education

Refugee guide. Illustration.

USN wishes to contribute to the successful integration process. These pages will provide refugees with useful information on higher education in Norway.

As the higher education institutions in Norway are all coming to terms with the increasing numbers of refugees coming to Norway, new approaches to foreign academic credential recognition and easier access to study courses are being addressed.

Important note: It might be difficult to orient yourself in who-does-what in Norwegian higher education. There are several separate agencies in charge of parts of the complex picture (funding, admission to undergraduate studies, admission to graduate studies, recognition of foreign credentials etc.). Much of the information presented in these pages is copied from the official web pages of agencies in question in order to ensure the accuracy  of the information. However, we recommend you will check the agencies own pages for changes in practice.

Lastly, do not hesitate to ask us if you need help and guidance. We wish to do our part so you feel both welcome to, and included in, the Norwegian society.