Recognition of Foreign Credentials

If you have academic background from abroad, and want to have an official and legally binding general assessment of your academic credentials compared to the Norwegian educational system, you will need to refer to the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education - NOKUT. Note: NOKUT will only assess the level and lenght of your higher education compared to the Norwegian system.

General recognition of foreign higher education

General recognitionis the alignment of Norwegian and foreign higher education. Your education will be evaluated against the Norwegian degree structure, i.e. whether it corresponds to a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or PhD. This recognition does not say anything about the academic content of an education programme.

Recognition is voluntary, and is intended as an aid when you wish to work in a profession which is not regulated by law. The recognition document can also be used as an aid in salary placement. In addition, the recognition document may be used in connection with admission to further studies in higher education, but you do not normally need recognition from NOKUT to apply for admission to higher education in Norway.

Kindly refer to for all your questions with regards to your wish to have your educational credetials officially recognized in Norway. As NOKUT receives about 7000+ such applications a year, the process can take some months to complete.

Further information on NOKUT's general recognition.

Authorisation of regulated professions

When a profession is regulated by law, it means that the authorities have set down specific, legal requirements concerning the minimum qualifications necessary to practise the profession or use certain professional titles. If you wish to work in one of these professions, you must obtain recognition/authorisation of your professional qualifications.

Applications for authorisation should be submitted to the recognition authority that is responsible for the industry/sector for your profession.

In Norway, there are about 180 regulated professions.

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Recognition Procedure for Persons without Verifiable Documentation (UVD-procedure)

This is a recognition procedure for persons with documentation that cannot be verified. You will be referred to this procedure if NOKUT has made a decision that your higher education qualification from abroad cannot be granted general recognition due to unverifiable documentation.

This procedure is meant for applicants with foreign higher education that is education at the level of university / university college, who cannot be granted general recognition due to missing, insufficient or unverifiable documentation.

More information on Recognition Procedure for Persons without Verifiable Documentation.