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USN Services available for Refugees


We are working on a wide variety of services available especially for persons with refugee status.

Open Lectures

Did you know all the lectures at University College of Southeast Norway are open for public? You do not need to be a student to be able to attend exciting lectures in a wide variety of subjects.You will not get credits, nor can you attend the labs,  but you can attend the open lectures along with our students. Learn the vocabulary of your favorite subject and be inspired!

We offer courses taught in English on all our eight campuses:




You find all the subjects taught in English here: Study programs taught in English

Class schedules: class schedules in Telemark, class schedules in Vestfold and Buskerud

If you need help in finding suitable lectures to attend: send an email to

University Libraries are Open for Refugees

The Library is open for the public, also the refugees, and the use is free of charge. USN has libraries on all the eight campuses. 

The Library is primarily a resource for students and employees at the University College of Southeast Norway. The Library is open for the public, and the use is free of charge. You may borrow books from nearly all our collections. You can access the digital library services on site from some of the computers in the library. It is possible to apply for a local library card and borrow books from the shelf.  

USN Visits Asylum Reception Centers

USN has been actively visiting a largest asylum reception centers in our region providing lectures on Norwegian culture and higher education in Norway. 

If your refugee center is located in either Buskerud, Vestfold or in Telemark, and you wish to hear our lectures, kindly contact

During these visits we can discuss how to get your existing higher education from your home land recognized in Norway.

Need Advice?

You are welcome to take contact with us by sending us an email to