USN Offers Job Training for Refugees and Immigrants

arbeidstrening ved HSN

Access to studies and work are important elements in integration and inclusion of refugees. Job training (internships) can offer an important contibution towards obtaining these aims.

University College of Southeast Norway offers job training for refugees and immigrants in close cooperation with NAV. Our university college has about 1600 employees, and covers three counties with its eight campuses (Buskerud, Vestfold and Telemark). 

The lenght and work tasks of the job training are tailored to the needs of the participant and correlated to the needs of the university.

The aim of the job training at USN is to give the participant job skills that are needed in the Norwegian job market.  We wish to find a best possible match between the competancies the work tasks require, and the participant. USN reserves the right to select the candidates based on application, resume and interview.

All applications to USN work training -program are channeled through NAV og tied to their support programs.

NOTE: the availability of internship-positions is always depended on the willingness and ability of the receiving department at USN.

For more information, take contact with Senior Advicer Nina Martinsen.

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