Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering

Do you want to learn more about Embedded Systems or Virtual Systems? Pick modules from our Computer Engineering program specializing in hardware/software systems or game development and simulations.

Study level
Exchange Programmes
Closing dates
Autumn: April 15
Spring: October 15
30 or 60 ECTS Bachelor level
Start up
Spring 2020

Why study Computer Engineering?

The future need of Computer Engineers is growing as an increasing number of processes get digitalized. Kongsberg is host to many of the country's leading technology companies, and the technology competence in the region is advanced. Our engineering educations are developed in collaboration with local industry and is designed to meet the need for future competence. 

Embedded systems

Specialization in Embedded Systems has focus on development of embedded devices with microcontrollers and programmable hardware (FPGA). The industry has a great need for engineers with expertise in Embedded Systems.

Virtual Systems

Specialization in Virtual Systems has focus on creating models and simulations that can be displayed in 3D virtual environments.

Virtual systems suitable for those who already have a certain interest in programming, and who want to apply this to systems containing virtual objects and 3D graphics. What you learn can also easily be used in the development of other types of software.

What you will learn

Our bachelor program within Computer Engineering is based on object-oriented methodology in the development of systems consisting of hardware and software. We emphasize learning how to apply theoretical knowledge to solve practical tasks, and many of our modules include project work.

We have listed below recommended modules for our exchange students within Computer Engineering. Department of Science and Industry Systems also welcomes students from partner institutions to our engineering modules within Electrical or Mechanical Engineering. Modules can be combined across the various engineering disciplines as long as the students meet the pre-requisites to enroll in the modules offered. If students meet the prerequisites to the business courses at campus Kongsberg, international students may also combine engineering with other exchange modules, to make a full semester stay.

Exchange students may choose to stay at USN for the autumn or the spring term, or the whole academic year.

Recommended modules for exchange students within Computer Engineering:

Why study at USN?

USN offer an informal and student friendly environment. Our campuses are small with an open-door policy where our staff dedicates time and attention to each student. USN offers a safe living and study environment as well as a multicultural society where English is widely spoken. Our programmes are focused on practical study methods with a problem-based approach that should help students to prepare for real-life situations.

Further study opportunities

A bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering provides access to many Master's degree programs in Norway and abroad. In Kongsberg we offer Systems Engineering with Embedded Systems. 

Admission requirements

The programme is open to international exchange students studying at one of USN's bilateral partner institutions. Exchange students must have completed at least 60 ECTS or equivalent within the relevant study field, and be officially nominated by their home university, to enrol.

Target groups are third year bachelor students in computer engineering or related fields.

Please note:

  • Some engineering courses might have special prerequisites. Please make sure that you check the course descriptions and fulfil the given prerequisites before you apply for admission. 
  • Students can only choose modules from one campus.

Admission to the programme requires a good command of the English language, both spoken and written. An English proficiency equivalent to B2 (Cambridge) level is recommended.

More information about nomination and application procedures can be found here.


Study facts

Full time – Kongsberg


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