Information Technology

Information Technology

Digitalization of processes and services in the public and private sectors is an important concept and will likely increase on a global basis in the coming years. Through this programme, the students will learn about utilization of technology in various contexts. The programme will focus on system development, information security and programming.

Study level
Exchange Programmes
Closing dates
Autumn: April 15
Spring: October 15
Bachelor level
Start up
Spring 2020

Why study Information Technology?

The student will be able to address topics and perform tasks related to implementation of information systems and use of technology in various private and public sectors, such as; health, government, transport, business consultancy, manufacturing, process industry, and the oil and gas industry.

What you will learn

The individual course plans within the programme specify the learning outcomes the students will have achieved upon successful completion of the course.


  • roles of information systems in organizations

  • the full field within information technology and its complexity

  • the organizations fundamental needs for information systems


  • develop applications that use databases to store data

  • create applications that can use the device's resources

  • manage and participate through different roles within a systems development project


General competence:

  • undertake projects together with others

  • contribute to innovation in connection with the use of IT

  • reflect on their own professional practice and adjust it under guidance

  • analyse relevant and current IT problems


Campus Ringerike


Admission requirements

A minimum of 80 ECTS in the area of study in information technology/information systems is required.

English Language Proficiency Requirements apply.


Study facts

Full time – Ringerike


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