Secrets of a straight-A student

Ebrahim Hashemi has a masters degree in Energy and Environmental Technology. Photo.

Ebrahim Hashemi has a Master's Degree in Energy and Environmental Technology from USN. He graduated in the spring of 2017 with straight A's.

Why did you start studying in Norway?

I was looking for a country that could prepare a bright future for me when I decided to continue my educational career abroad. Among all the options I had, I put Norway at the top of my list due to several reasons such as high-quality education system, a welcoming culture for foreigners, free education at the higher level of studies, the Norwegian welfare system and a spectacular nature.


What did you think of your study program?

I chose my master program consciously, therefore I perused the description of study program to be sure that it would satisfy my desires. I tried to select a study program which could boost my knowledge based on my background in Mechanical Engineering. The ability to acquire knowledge related to process technology and environmental issues convinced me to choose this study program.


What is the best things about studying in Porsgrunn (Norway)? 

I have had a really pleasant time in Porsgrunn since I have met so many good people and made many new friends here. Also, all of my classmates and our university’s employees were very helpful and nice. It was a fortune to be here and I experienced a fantastic atmosphere in Porsgrunn which helped me to adapted faster to my new living place. In addition, the campus provided an excellent educational environment with perfect professors.


Do you have any tips for other students who want to achieve straight A`s?

In my opinion, diligence and hard work are the key parameters to be successful not only in studies but also in real life. I believe that the most important part of study occurs during the lecturers. If students would follow lectures and course materials as lecturer teaches in class, they will not have a big problems later on exam dates. It is crucial to ask your questions and try to understand all the details perfectly, then it might be possible to get straight A’s.

However, in some courses like the Master thesis or in group projects, it is necessary to allocate proper time to achieve good results. Then the results should be reported in a well-structured format.


What would you say to others who's thinking about studying Master of Sciences, in Energy and Environmental Technology?

I strongly believe that Master of Sciences, in Energy and Environmental Technology includes a wide range of study fields which can satisfy everyone’s ambitious. I chose this program as I wanted to work in cutting-edge subjects and research which can solve industrial problems. I believe energy and environment are future concerns, therefore, you can be prepared as an engineer to face those challenges.


What do you think of the level of knowledge and professionalism amongst lecturers and students at USN?

It is worth mentioning that the level of knowledge among the professors is well, however, there are some lecturers and professors with great knowledge and experiences in their field of study. The laboratory and library facilities at USN are well-equipped which can improve students insight into engineering.


What was your favourite subject?

I have enjoyed studying all my subjects, this is one reason I got straight A’s. But I especially like modelling, CFD and industrial optimisation.

One of the highlights during my master at USN was about learning and working at a CO2 capture laboratory for almost one year, which ended up being my thesis.


What are you going to do now? Apply for jobs, or a PhD?

Before moving to Norway, I was working in the industry. I decided to continue my education because I felt that I wanted to be a professor or researcher, that way I will be able to link research to the industry sector. For now, my first priority is to get a PhD position. I hope that I can achieve this goal as well.


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