Master of Science in Systems Engineering with Embedded Systems

Master of Science in Systems Engineering with Embedded Systems

To make better products, many choose to embed computers in more and more of these products. In this master’s degree, you will learn how to develop and implement such systems.

Study level
Closing dates
EU/EEA: 1st of March
Others: 1st of December
120 ECTS
Start up
Autumn 2019

The programme will not accept new students in 2020.

Why study System Engineering with Embedded Systems

A prime example of a product with steady increase in functionality is the automobile.

Today we can find 25-30 computers in an ordinary car. The more advanced and expensive cars can have far more. All these computers need to be programmed and linked with the mechanical and electrical systems of the car. The list of functions keeps increasing as new cars are put on the market.

Where can I work?

With this Master’s Degree you will be attractive on the job market. Examples of businesses you can get involved in are Kongsberg Defense Systems, Kongsberg Protech, Kongsberg Automotive, Kongsberg Maritime, FMC, but also many smaller companies in the Kongsberg region are relevant as well as other similar businesses in other parts of Norway.

There is also the possibility of starting your own business, or working as a consultant.

Working with the local business community

We work closely with local industry in the Kongsberg area, and many choose to do their master thesis in cooperation with our industrial partners. Our lecturers are working closely with the Kongsberg Group, and we also invite guest speakers from several companies, including Kongsberg Defense Systems.

What you will learn

Systems Engineering with Embedded Systems will include an introduction to Systems Engineering with in-depth courses in Embedded systems. This is to enable students to develop hardware and software based applications and to understand how these are combined into systems that will be designed in a systems engineering context.

This 2-year programme is unique, also in international context. The education is based on an engineering degree in computer science, electrical engineering or equivalent. The lectures and all literature are in English, something that has led to an increasing interest from international students.

Gain international experience

You can take parts of the Master in Systems Engineering with Embedded Systems abroad. To study or take an internship abroad can give you the opportunity to expand your international skills and adaptability. It can make you more attractive in the labour market. USN has exchange programs with universities around the world that makes it possible for you as a student to travel abroad. Please contact the International Relations Office for more information.

Semester exchange to USN

Within this programme there are several exchange opportunities for students from our partner universities, in the autumn semester. Please contact our program administrator for details and course lists. The application deadline for exchange is April 15 for the autumn semester. Spring semester exchange to USN is not possible in this programme.

Further studies

This master's programme provides the ability to search doctoral studies at USN, in Norway and abroad. See our doctoral programs here.

Detailed course information

1. Year:

  • Embedded System Modelling using UML (10 ECTS)
  • Object Oriented Embedded System Programming Languages (10 ECTS)
  • System Engineering (30 ECTS)
  • Software/Hardware co-development of Embedded Systems (10 ECTS)

2. Year:

  • Research Methods (10 ECTS)
  • Modern Embedded System Programming (10 ECTS)
  • Safety Critical Systems (10 ECTS)
  • Master Thesis (30 ECTS)

Admission requirements

Bachelor diploma in Engineering within either Computer Science or Electrical Engineering. Knowledge of object oriented programming is an advantage.

In addition, we require a cumulative grade point average equivalent to, or better than, a C in the ECTS system (we do the grade conversion).

In addition to the academic requirements, you will have to provide proof of English proficiency.

Please read all the information about the admission process before you apply.


USN makes reservations in regards to the commencement of the study program.

Study facts

Full time – Kongsberg


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