Subsea Production Systems Architecture

Subsea Production Systems Architecture

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Study level
Continuing and further education
Closing dates
2 weeks before the course starts/ as long as there are available seats
Start up
Spring 2020

Pre requisites

Basic knowledge and an interest in Oil & Gas.

What is Subsea Production Systems Architecture?

The purpose of the course (SSSA 6202) is to give the participant the holistic view of customer needs, requirements and regional preferences for Subsea Production Systems (SPS). The course will present a holistic view on flow assurance and barrier functionality, the importance of field trade-offs in concepts, field layout modularisation with regards to intervention/maintenance, economy in the SPS solution, amount of hydrocarbons produced and production profiles.

Completing the course, the student shall be capable to participate in a team preparing the architecture of a SPS.


  • Week 6: 3rd - 7th February, 2020.


The courses are organized as intensive one-week courses each with 5 days of lectures.  During this week, the lectures last from 0830 to 1630 each day. The courses are a mixture of lectures and work in groups.  Masterstudents and others taking courses for credit will work on a written assignment which is due 13 weeks after the end of the course.  A completed course with approved written assignment will give 7.5 studypoints. 


The price for attending a course depends on whether you take the course for credit or not.  To get credit for the course, you need to hand in a written assignment.

  • Alternative 1: Attendance only kr. 16.000,-
  • Alternative 2: Attendance and written assignment kr. 21.000,-

The price includes course material, coffee, and lunch during the course. For alternative 2, the price also includes supervision and grading of the written assignment.


We accept registrations also after the deadline, provided there are available seats. Each course has a limited number of seats, so please sign up early. We reserve the right to cancel courses with too low participation.

Admission requirements

A Bachelor's degree in engineering.

Master level courses require a C average.

See: English requirements for admission to our master programmes taught in English.

The admission requirements are founded on the regulations regarding admission to the University College of Southeast Norway.

Study facts

Workshops – Kongsberg


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