Justification and skill mix in radiology

Justification and skill mix in radiology

We offer a study in ‘Justification and skill mix in radiology’ (15 ETCs) for an international community of radiographers.

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Short study programmes
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15 ECTs
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Autumn 2020

Why study Justification and skill mix in radiology?

Justification ensures that the right radiological procedures is provided for the right patient at the right time. It is a key principle in radiation protection, and protects patients from other adverse effect of unwarranted imaging, in addition to promoting efficient use of health care resources.

Meet former student Helene Mork-Knudsen

What you will learn

The course disseminates knowledge, skills and understanding, in order to enable radiographers to act as gatekeepers for justification of imaging referrals, which is tantamount to active participation in multidisciplinary teams. The course focuses on the evidence base and international normative recommendations for appropriate and efficient use of clinical imaging. Justification of imaging affects many actors and the decision make process is vital. Hence, division of tasks and responsibilities between professionals (skill mix) and between community and specialist health care, is core question for discussion.

The programme will only be offered as an online course.

Admission requirements

Bachelor's degree in radiography, biochemistry or other health science/ scientific education with documented expertise in the field of radiation physics, radiation biology and medical radiography equivalent to a Bachelor's degree in radiography.

In addition, either at least 1 year of relevant clinical experience is required before admission to the Master's degree programme, alternatively that you occupy a minimum of a 20% position in a relevant clinical practice throughout the course of study. By relevant clinical practice we mean experience from an establishment that uses medical radiation sources.

For admission to Master’s degree courses, an average grade of C or better is required.

Applicants who have foreign education from countries outside the Nordic region must document that they meet the requirements for English language skills.

Admission is founded on the regulations for admission to the University of South-Eastern Norway.

Study facts

Online / Workshops – Nettstudium


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