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Required documents

All the documentation you upload must be scans of originals. All transcripts and diplomas must be in English or Norwegian.

1. Education

All applicants should upload diplomas and transcripts from secondary and higher education.
If your institution does not provide you with an English version of your transcripts/diplomas you must upload both the original and a certified translation into English.

If you have a NOKUT approval you must also upload this documents.

You do not need to send any documents by post, however, for some countries, we require that specific documents are sent directly from the issuing institution and some countries have other specific documentation requirements. Please read the specific information under your country.

Cameroon     Canada        China     Ethiopia     Ghana     India        Iran     Nepal     Nigeria    

Pakistan     Russia    Tanzania     The Philippines     UK     USA 


Recognition procedure for applicants without verifiable documentation

If you have completed education from Afganistan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iraq, Yemen, Liberia, Libya, Sierra Leone or Somalia, you must apply for recognition of your education from NOKUT before you can apply for admission to the University College of Southeast-Norway.

NOKUT has a specific recognition procedure for persons without verifiable documentation (the UVD-Procedure). You must have a valid residence permit in Norway in order to be eligible for the UVD-Procedure.

Read more about the UVD-Procedure on the NOKUT's webpage.


2. English

English requirements for applicants to master degrees.
English requirements for applicants to undergraduate programs.


3. Letter of Motivation

The letter of motivation should be no more than 400 words. We want you to elaborate on the following:

  • What in your educational or work background makes you qualified for the program?
  • Why do you want to study this program at USN?
  • What are your long-term goals regarding your chosen career.

(Applicants with a bachelor degree from Norway do not have to upload a letter of motivation).


4. Copy of passport

The page you upload should show your photo, full name, date of birth and nationality. (Norwegian citizens do not have to upload a copy of their passport).


5. Other documents that we require

  • Any name change must be documented.
  • Applicants for the Norwegian language course must upload their residence card/EU-passport.
  • Declaration of consent. Please sign this concent and upload it with your application.
  • We may contact you and request further documentation.

Please do not upload Letters of Recommendation, proof of work experience or any other documents if we do not ask you to upload them.