Practical Information when on exchange to USN partners

Checklist before departure from Norway

  1. Learning Agreement / Pre-Approval of Subjects. Every exchange from USN to a partner university has to be pre-approved. The Learning Agreement has to be signed by the programme coordinator and registered in our system by the study adviser. Make sure to keep a copy. Learning Agreement forms are attached to the nomination e-mail you get from the International Relations Section. 

  2. Finance. Apply through the Norwegian Governmental loan scheme, if you are eligable for that. If you go on Erasmus+ exchange, you will receive information about what to fill in, in order to get the scholarship.  
  3. Admission Letter from the partner university.
  4. Confirm study place abroad and pay tuition fee / deposit. 
  5. Passport valid more than 6 months after returning to Norway.
  6. Visa. Check with the country's immigration regulations directly. 
  7. Insurance that lasts for the entire period you are abroad. 
  8. Vaccinations. Make sure to go to your local vaccination office for vaccines in good time. Some take long to complete. Remember to bring your vaccination card. 
  9. Housing. Students are responsible for organizing housing themselves. At several partner institutions, the student housing information is connected to the Universities' web pages. 
  10. Semester registration and address change in studentweb
  11. Payment of semester fee
  12. Travel / flights
  13. Security. Read up on and register your stay abroad at 


Checklist after returning to Norway

  1. Report: We ask all students to fill in their home report after the end of their exchange stay. This is important in order to assess the quality of the exchange and to make any changes based on your feedback. The report is confidential, but not anonymous. That means that we will be able to provide you with a follow-up if it is needed. If you are abroad for an entire year, you will receive two such mandatory evaluation rounds.
  2. Transcripts of records: Please make sure to check that your transcript of records is sent directly from the institution you have studied, to your faculty at home, and that this will be done within a reasonable period of time after completing your study stay. If you receive it yourself, make sure it is sent to your study adviser, so that it will be added to our databases. If you have been on a internship abroad, make sure that you have a confirmation that your internship has been completed and approved.
  3. Confirmation of stay: If you have been on a exchange within the Erasmus Scheme, you must request that the host institution send us a confirmation that you have been a student at them and the time period for which you have been registered.
  4. Have you done a clinical placement abroad, you will have to follow up on the medical checks required to do clinical placement in Norway again after your return, such as MRSA-test/tuberculosis.