5 Reasons Why You Should Become an Exchange Student

There are many good reasons to study/do an internship abroad. Here are five reasons for why you should get international experience during your studies!

Five reasons to do an exchange from USN to partner universities:

1. Personal growth

You will grow as a student, person and a fellow human being. As an exchange student, you become more independent, tolerant, flexible and adaptable.

2. Quality of education

By experiencing different approaches to your syllabus, you will gain a new and deeper understanding of your subject, and therefore enhance both the quality and the content of your degree.

3. International competence

By studying abroad, you will bring home important cultural understanding, international perspectives and language skills. You will become more culturally self-conscious, i.e.; ability to see how your own culture affects your perspectives and expectations.

4. Career benefits

International experience is becoming increasingly more important, and an exchange puts an extra point on your CV. Two out of three job-seeking students have found that employers view their stay abroad as a plus, according to a report from NIFU.

5. Network

You will make friends and connections from all over the world!


Check out our film where we talk to USN students who have been studying abroad for a semester (06:33).

Utvekslingsstudenter i Australia

                                       USN exchange students in Australia


By doing an exchange from USN to partner universities, you get:

  •     Good guidance
  •     Help and support before, during and after your trip
  •     Pre-approval of subjects
  •     Extra financial support through Erasmus (Europe)
  •     Reduced tuition fees at several institutions (USA, Australia and others)

Thus, there are many good reasons for traveling on exchanges through the University of Southeast Norway. Not least: with a prior approval from USN, you know that the exchange will be part of your degree.

USN has a wide international network (over 400 agreements with universities and colleges in many parts of the world) and we want to help as many students as possible to have a wonderful and educational stay abroad.

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