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Are you going on an exchange in Europe? We want you to travel more environmentally friendly to your exchange destination, and therefore we issue 10 «Green transportation» scholarships of 2000 NOK to students who travel by environmentally friendly means of transport to their host institution.

How to apply for a «Green transportation» scholarship

To participate, you have to fill out the application and plan your trip. The application deadline is 1st of June for departure during the autumn semester, and 1st of December for departure during the spring semester. In the application form, we ask you to write a small motivation letter on why you should receive the scholarship. When you submit the application, you are in the draw for one of our 10 environmental scholarships.


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Terms of participation

  •     The application is open to all students at USN who have been granted a study or placement in Europe.
  •       Environmentally friendly means of transport = train, bus, bicycle or with climate friendly ferries. You cannot travel by aircraft or ferries as a means of transport. If you want to travel by other means of transport, specify this in the application or contact
  • The student can only participate during the semester when on exchange. It is possible to participate several times if you are on an exchange for more than one semester.
  •     The student must plan their trip in advance, and attach a planned itinerary to the application.
  •     The student who receives the scholarship must document their journey for later marketing, e.g. with photos, video blog, blog posts, etc.
  •     The student must submit documentation for the trip as soon as possible. Itinerary, time and date must be visible.


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Every semester, 10 scholarships of NOK 2,000 will be awarded. If all conditions are met, the winners will be drawn from the motivation letters. An assessment will be made of two to three employees from the International Section. Everyone who has submitted an application will be contacted via e-mail, for approval or rejection.

Please note:

If the conditions are not met and the student does not document the trip, the student will have to return the scholarship.

«Green transportation» scholarship


Every semester we will reward 10 scholarships of 2000 NOK to students who choose to travel environmentally friendly to their host institution. The application deadline is June 1st for departure during the autumn semester, and December 1st for departure in the spring semester.


Application form for «Green transportation» scholarship