Before the mobility

New York. Bridge. Photo.

Before leaving for your exchange, and after applying to the partner university, there are important tasks you need to do. The learning process will start already before departure.

Checklist before departure from Norway

  1. Learning Agreement / Pre-Approval of Subjects. 
  2. Finance. 
  3. Admission Letter from the partner university.
  4. Confirm study place abroad and pay tuition fee / deposit. 
  5. Passport valid more than 6 months after returning to Norway.
  6. Visa. Check with the country's immigration regulations directly. 
  7. Insurance that lasts for the entire period you are abroad
  8. Vaccinations. 
  9. Housing. 
  10. Semester registration and address change in studentweb
  11. Payment of semester fee
  12. Travel / flights
  13. Read up on security and register your stay abroad

Exchange Abroad