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CIGAR Workshop & International Public Sector Accounting Standard Board (IPSASB) Research Forum 2020

15 Jun

Practical information

  • Date: 15. June 2020 - 17. June 2020
  • Time: All day
  • Location: Campus Drammen

  • Registration deadline: 1. April 2020
  • Link to registration form (to be updated).

    Important dates

    Authors wishing to present at the workshop should submit a paper proposal (maximum 2 paged in length) by the 15th February 2020. Acceptance will be notified to the author(s) by the 10th March 2020. Full papers should be submitted by the 10th May 2020 and will be presented in the CIGAR Workshop (16-17 June 2020).

    The deadline for the doctoral proposal submission is the 01st March 2020. Acceptance will be notified by 25th March 2020. Accepted doctoral projects will be presented on 15th June 2020 at the PhD Colloquium. The deadline for the final proposal submission is the 10th May 2020.

    Link to submit papers will be provided later.

    The IPSASB Forum abstract submission deadline is 15th December 2019 and paper submission date as 10th May 2020Submit paper here.


The CIGAR workshop and PhD symposium are organised biennially. In this year, the IPSASB Research Forum is also organized together with the CIGAR Workshop. The CIGAR Workshop and PhD symposium focus their attention on “The Quality of Public Sector Audit: Profession, Institutions and Standards”, whereas the IPSASB Research Forum focuses its attention on public sector accounting and reporting issues.    

Keynote Speakers and Themes:

“The future of auditing in the public sector and private sector” by Prof. David Hay at Auckland University and Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Auditing. 

“The role of the INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI) in strengthening the capacity and performance of Supreme Audit Institutions in developing countries” by Einar Gørrissen, Director, INTOSAI Development Initiative.

Tentative Program

Topics suitable for the CIGAR Workshop 2020 and related JPBAFM Special Issue include but are not limited to:
•    The international standardization and harmonization trends in public sector auditing
•    Setting Auditing standards for public sector organizations, and their quality
•    Comparision of public sector auding practices in different jurisdictions
•    Single or comparative country studies relating to compliance, financial and performance auditing in developed and emerging economies
•    The audit of whole of government financial reports, and the separated reports of decentralised governmental agencies and enterprises
•    The role, identity, and image of auditors in the accountability agenda in different government levels (central, regional and local), and international organizations (European Union, NATO, United Nations, etc.)
•    The (political) appointment, selection and compensation of auditors in the public sector organizations and state-owned enterprises
•    Issues relating to cross-transfer of private sector auditing practices to the public sector
•    Supreme Audit Institutions’ independence, professional discrection and the strategy of maximizing media coverage for their findings
•    Reporting audit findings as per prevailing discourses and following up the audit results
•    Auditing and its effects for preventing and fighting corruption
•    Digitalization, cybersecurity and forensic auditing
•    Performance management, evaluation and accountability dilemma in the public sector 
•    Public sector auditing and ethics


Registration and fees

275 Euros for the participation at CIGAR Workshop, IPSASB Research Forum and PhD Symposium, including lunches, refreshments, workshop kit and gala dinner. 100 Euros for PhD Students.

250 Euro for the participation at the CIGAR Workshop and IPSASB Research Forum only.


Early bird fee (on/before
1st April 2020)

1st April 2020

Doctoral student fee for Doctoral Symposium,
CIGAR Workshop & IPSASB Research Forum

100 Euro

150 Euro

CIGAR Workshop & IPSASB Research Forum

250 Euro

300 Euro

Doctoral Student symposium, CIGAR Workshop
& IPSASB Research Forum

275 Euro

350 Euro

Accompanying guest fee for gala dinner

125 Euro

175 Euro

Special Issue

A Special Issue of Journal of Public Budgeting, Accounting and Financial Management (JPBAFM) will be published in 2022. The deadline for the submission of full papers via the JPBAFM online system is the 31st  March 2021. Please be aware that presentation at the CIGAR Workshop does not guarantee acceptance of the paper for publication in Special Issue. Next, participating in the CIGAR Workshop is not a precondition for submitting a manuscript to the Special Issue.

All papers will be reviewed in accordance with the normal review processes of JPBAFM. Any queries or enquiries about the special issue should be directed to Giuseppe Grossi (giuseppe.grossi@hkr.se).


The University of South-Eastern Norway organises the CIGAR Workshop and IPSASB Research Forum - 2020 in corporation with Nord University and the University of Essex.

Convenors and Special Issue Editors:
Pawan Adhikari, Essex University Business School, UK. E-mail: padhik@essex.ac.uk
Anatoli Bourmistrov, Nord University, Norway. E-mail: anatoli.bourmistrov@nord.no
Chamara Kuruppu, University of South-Eastern Norway, Norway. E-mail: cku@usn.no
Giuseppe Grossi, Nord University, Norway. E-mail: giuseppe.grossi@hkr.se


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