Disputation: Morten Hansen Jondahl

Morten Hansen Jondahl at campus Porsgrunn holds a trial lecture and disputation on May 11.

11 May

Practical information

  • Date: 11. May 2020
  • Time: 13.30 - 20.00
  • Location: Campus Porsgrunn, Digitally on Zoom

    Follow the disputation on Zoom (click on the link that becomes active when the program starts).

    Evaluation committee

    • First opponent: Professor Thia Kirubarajan, McMaster University.
    • Second opponent: Adjunct professor Gerhard Nygaard, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences.
    • Administrator: Professor Marius Lysaker, USN.


    • Principal supervisor: Associate professor Håkon Viumdal, USN.
    • Co-supervisors: Professor Saba Mylvaganam and associate professor Geir Elseth,  USN.


Portrett av Morten Hansen Jondahl.Morten Hansen Jondahl, candidate in the PhD programme Process, Energy and Automation Engineering at Faculty of Technology, Natural Sciences and Maritime Sciences, will be defending his thesis for the degree of philosophiae doctor (PhD).

Title of thesis: «Data driven Models for Estimation of Drilling Fluid Rheological Properties and Flow Rate».

Trial lecture topic: «Couette viscometers: Challenges with data usability and accuracy when applied to wellbore hydraulic simulations of drilling operations».

To prevent the spread of coronavirus, the event will be conducted at Zoom on May 11.

Digital trial lecture starts at 1330 PM and public defens at 1600 PM.

Questions to the PhD candidate can be sent to the administrator Marius Lysaker prior to the doctoral dissertation: marius.lysaker@usn.no

Read the entire thesis here.


During the oil & gas drilling process, there is a great risk of uncontrolled blowout of oil & gas from the reservoir. To ensure safe drilling operations, constant monitoring of the pressures in the well is essential. The methods and instrumentation to do this are well established, but has great potential for improvement and modernisation. New sensors to monitor the flow of the drilling fluid that helps control the pressure in the well are needed as the drilling industry is being automated and digitalized.

In his PhD, Morten H. Jondahl worked along with co-workers and industry professionals in a project group called Semi-kidd to develop new sensor technologies for measurement of drilling fluid properties and flow rate measurements. By applying data driven models and ultrasonic measurements, a method to estimate the properties of the drilling fluids showed great potential for further development. This will increase the accuracy with which the pressure control can be maintained. Furthermore, his work involved developments of a measurement system for return flow rate of drilling fluid. This is currently done with manual interpretation, and the developed method will enable new, safer well control methods and enable further automation of the drilling process. At the conclusion of this PhD work there is a potential to make drilling processes and well control safer, more efficient and more automated.