Intercultural career guidance

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The University of South-Eastern Norway welcomes you to a digital open seminar with Marcelo Afonso Ribeiro, University of São Paulo in Brazil.

29 Sep

Practical information

The seminar will give you an introduction to both theoretical, practical and epistemological principles for intercultural career guidance.

You will be presented with approaches to how to confront prejudice, inequality and social injustice, and how to carry out intercultural dialogue in career guidance. This is demonstrated with case examples from career guidance and counseling situations.

The framework presented is inspired by, among other things, social justice theory from the global north with contextualized theories from the south, including critical pedagogy and perspectives related to vulnerable groups and human rights.

The seminar will be held in English.

Marcelo Afonso Ribeiro is Associate professor and coordinator of the Career Counseling Service at the University of São Paulo, Brazil. He is a full member of the UNESCO Chair in Lifelong Guidance and Counseling.

He is currently involved in studies of identity and career construction, psychosocial vulnerability, intersectionality, and intercultural career guidance.