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Welcome to IUW 2022 - "Activitites and Social Work", where students in social work in SocNet98 meets other students!

25 Apr

Practical information

  • Date: 25. April 2022 - 29. April 2022
  • Time: All day
  • Location: Porsgrunn
  • Download calendar file

  • Registration deadline: 15. January 2022

  • Call for contributions from faculty staff: 15th of desember.

    Students registration: 15th of january.

Programme and registration

keyboard_backspace Download preliminary programme (.pdf)

Our topic this year will focus on Activities in Social Work. We hope this topic will allow a wide variety of approaches to activities within methods in social work, as well as different experiences using activities regarding different challenges.

Sign up within January 15

The arrangement main opening lectures on friday is open for the public, free of charge in B-1030 "Vessia". The rest of the week is for attendees from the 18 SocNet98 universities in Europe.

The main goal for the IUW 2022 in Norway is to let students and teachers interact with other students and teachers. We would like to give an opportunity to share  experiences and establish contacts for studies and research in social work.  

Our students and teachers have made a program for all participants with focus on activities, both inside and outside, so bring your good shoes and warm jackets!

We have also prepared Workshops with mixed student and teacher groups, with the purpose of regarding the topic from different perspectives and generate new solutions. If you have current issues from different perspectives of culture in social work in your country – please bring them to the workshops.

Sleeping accomodation

Students and staff will both be accommodated at Hotell VIC in Porsgrunn, just 15 minutes walk from campus Porsgrunn. Check-in from 15:00 on Sunday April 24th .

Fees and payment

The IUW fee (170€) will be paid from the students and staff to their respective university that will transfer the total funds to USN. Funds will be transferred to this account:

Dronning Eufemias gate 30
0191 OSLO

IBAN:    NO2682760100230
Bank account number: 8276.01.00230
Mark payment with reference: Arbeidsordre 1800190-10

The IUW feed of 170€ will cover:

  • Accommodation at Hotel VIC in 3-4 bed rooms.
  • Includes breakfast and evening meals (18.00-21.00) all days at the hotel, and training facilities.
  • 3-4 lunches at the campus or in the field
  • One formal dinner on Tuesday.

Faculty staff

Faculty staff uses the registration form to registering for IUW and their lecture, but orders accommodation directly to Hotell VIC using reservation number 215674 and pays directly to the hotel when leaving.


Arriving by plane

  • at Oslo Airport (Oslo lufthavn): Train (Vy line R11) directly from Oslo lufthavn to Porsgrunn stasjon (departure almost every hour, 2 hour 31 min train ride).
  • at Torp (Sandefjord lufthavn): Train (Vy line R11) directly from Torp Sandefjord Lufthavn to Porsgrunn stasjon (departure almost every hour, 1 hour 6 min train ride).

Arriving by boat

The most used routes with Color Line:

  • Germany: Kiel – Oslo
  • Denmark: Hirtshals – Larvik
  • Sweden: Strømstad – Sandefjord

The most used routes with Fjordline:

  • Denmark: Hirtshals - Langesund
  • Sweden: Strømstad – Sandefjord

From Oslo, Larvik, Sandefjord there is the same train (Vy line R11) directly from to Porsgrunn stasjon.

From Langesund: You can take bus (farte.no) from Langesund to Porsgrunn station.