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SESG: How can you improve the state of practice of Systems Engineering in your company

The SESG would like to invite you to the next meeting at Krona classroom 2222/2224, University of South-Eastern Norway, Thursday November 22nd 2018, 2pm to 5pm.

22 Nov

Practical information

  • Date: 22. November 2018
  • Time: 14.00 - 17.00
  • Location: Campus Kongsberg, Classroom 2222/2224


Students of the systems engineering master program at USN often give the feedback that “it isn't easy to apply systems engineering in their company”. Similarly, we hear from many managers at companies that they do not apply systems engineering. This latter is probably not true. Most companies apply something that is a flavor of systems engineering, using different words and tuned to their specific domain, systems and technologies. However, we see everywhere opportunities to improve current practice by using the body of knowledge across domains. How can we make such improvement process working?

In this session, we asked a number of speakers from small and large companies to reflect on their current practice, needs, and expectations for systems engineering.

Attendance is free, but please sign up to allow us to facilitate for the number of participants.

Agenda and presenters

14:00-14:10  - Welcome and introduction.

14:10-15:00  - Presenters:

  • Tyler Jones (Norwegian Space Centre) - "Systems Engineering for Microspace"
  • Christoffer Jimmy Røsegg (Flebu International)
  • Anders Fuglesteg Nilsen (Semcon)

15:00-15:15  - Break

15:15-17:00  - Discussions in groups, wrap-up and closing

About SESG

The Systems Engineering Study Group meets at University College of Southeast Norway, Kongsberg, Norway. The objective of the meetings is to exchange experience between people who are interested in Systems Engineering or who have the intend to become a Systems Engineer. The SESG discusses one theme per meeting, the subjects are one of many SE aspects. We have two to three meetings per year.

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