Researchers' Night – USN: Powered by PechaKucha

Welcome to a laid-back evening out, with excellent and entertaining dissemination of research in line with the 20x20 format of PechaKucha.

30 Sep

Praktisk informasjon

Eight researchers from different fields of research will put themselves in the spotlight to share their wisdom and their commitment to their research topics. Information about each individual researcher and topic will be presented closer to the event.

The event is a collaboration with PechaKucha, and you will find our event at


PechaKucha is Japanese and translates to "the sound of people talking". It can also be translated to "chit-chat", although this can be misleading, as PechaKucha is often used to communicate complex topics, but in an “easy-to-understand” and engaging way.

PechaKucha is a form of "quick-presentation" that came into being in 2003 as a result of a group of designers and architects getting discouraged of tiring, unnecessarily long and uninspiring presentations, full of “boring” models and calculations.

Read more about PechaKucha and the 20x20-format here (

During this year's National Research Days, a group of our researchers will dive into the PechaKucha format and give presentations of their research as part of Forskarnatt / Researchers' Night.


In a PechaKucha presentation, one must limit oneself to 20 slides, and the next slide replaces the former automatically every 20 seconds.

Thus, the presenter has a total of six minutes and 40 seconds to get through their presentation, something that guarantees fast, precise and easy-going presentations.

The slides are free of bullet points, text or models. There is plenty of room for humor and rhetorical forms that keep the audience captivated.

Today, PechaKucha is a worldwide phenomenon within a vast variety of disciplines and has become popular, especially among young researchers.