The role of sport and culture in conflicts

The ongoing conflicts in Ukraine and in Iran are of a particular and urgent relevance to this seminar.

25 Jan

Praktisk informasjon

By inviting a handful of scholars, we hope to generate a debate which will be aimed at discussing the potential reconciliatory impacts of various actors and bodies within sport and culture.

However, there are many examples of sport and culture providing platforms for driving and expressing conflicts, rivalry and animosity. We wish to discuss these paradoxical aspects and have invited scholars who will shed light on the role of sport and culture in conflicts.





 ‘War minus the shooting’? – Sport, conflict and conciliation.

Professor Hans Kristian Hognestad, USN


Sport and Peacebuilding: Reflections on Research in Kosovo.

Professor Richard Giulianotti Loughborough University / USN

11.00 - Coffee break


Writing from Nowhere: Behrouz Boochani’s No Friends but the Mountain.

Associate Professor Lotta Strandberg, USN

11.30 - Lunch


The point of no return: Neutrality and Sport after the Invasion of Ukraine.

Professor Hans Erik Næss, Kristiania University College


Human Rights and Conflicts.

Assistant Professor Murtaza Mohiqi, USN

13.05 - Coffee break


Panel debate: The role of sport and culture in conflicts


Hosted by Sport and Cultural Policy Research group in collaboration with Human Rights and Diversities Research group, University of South-Eastern Norway