Course in Advance Cyber Security

24 Sep

Praktisk informasjon

  • Dato: 24. september 2018 - 28. september 2018
  • Tid: Hele dagen
  • Sted: Campus Vestfold, Bakkenteigen

  • Påmeldingsfrist: 15. september 2018
  • Course Information

    The course fee is 17 000 NOK before 20th August and 20 000 after 20th August. This covers the registration fees for the 5-day workshop, including lunch and 2 coffee breaks each day.

    Registration deadline is 15th September. Follow this link to complete your registration.

    We must have a minimum of 8 participants to start the course. Maximum number of participants is 30.

IT and cybersecurity professionals have a unique responsibility to find and understand  organization's vulnerabilities and to work diligently to mitigate them before the bad guys use these vulnerabilities to attack your organization.

This course is designed to teach you both sides of the coin - meaning you’ll learn the tools, tactics, and techniques used by hackers to break into systems and applications. You’ll also learn how network defenders, intrusion analysts, and malware analysts catch today’s most sophisticated attacks. This course is over 80% hands-on training focused on both the offensive and defensive cyber security.

With comprehensive coverage of tools, techniques, and methodologies for both network penetration testing, incident response/network forensics/malware analysis. This course truly prepares you to conduct high-value penetration testing projects as well as the technical knowledge, insight, and hands-on training you need to defend your network with confidence. Every organization needs skilled information security personnel who can find vulnerabilities and mitigate their effects, and this entire course is specially designed to get you ready for that role.

Course Areas of Focus

Day 1: Finding information about you or your company

Day 2: How do hackers attack servers?

Day 3: What can a hacker do with your web application?

Day 4: Log Analysis Day

Day 5: Malware Analysis


Looking forward to meeting you at Bakkenteigen in September!

Geir Varholm
Faculty of Technology, Natural Sciences and Maritime Sciences Department of Microsystems