Invitation to workshop with TARG

8th Workshop Training and Assessment Collaborative Training, Education and Operations in the Maritime Domain

19 Sep

Praktisk informasjon

Evolving complex socio-technical systems demand increased collaboration and interaction amongst humans and ever-advancing technologies (e.g. automated and intelligent systems, modern interfaces, artificial intelligence). Both human-to-human, and human(s)-to-technology collaboration is necessary within increasingly automated and autonomous systems.

For advancing current knowledge, improvement in design and optimal utilization of technology to better support collaboration at different levels and dimensions in the maritime domain will require multi-disciplinary perspectives. The theoretical understanding and practical applications and tools for optimizing collaborative work systems and processes in training, education and operations require the latest knowledge and multidisciplinary perspectives across a variety of fields. This workshop aims to address these issues and will encompass the followings areas (but not limited to):

- Collaborative learning models and theories:
- Human integration and collaboration with autonomous systems
- Virtual and Augmented Reality applications
- Teamwork in complex operations
- Current and future directions of academic research and industry interests/needs
- Situated learning and peer interaction in the maritime domain
- Computer-supported collaborative learning for maritime training
- Assessment of collaborative learning in maritime education and training
- Group cognition in maritime operations
- Design based research to support collaborative interaction in simulators.

The workshop speakers and panellist include academic researchers, industry stakeholders and policymakers in order to gain insights, facilitate dialogue and identify future opportunities in high-risk industries, in general and maritime sector in specific.

Looking forward to meeting you in September.

Salman Nazir
Associate Professor
Head of Training and Assessment Research Group (TARG) University of South-Eastern Norway

The workshop fee is 8000 NOK. This covers the registration fees for the 2-day workshop, including a technical tour, social event, lunch and 2 coffee breaks each day.

Location for the workshop:

Day 01: Quality Hotel KLUBBEN, Tonsberg (Nedre Langgate 493126 Tønsberg, Norway)

Day 02: Research Park, Campus Vestfold, University of South-Eastern Norway (Raveien 215, 3184 Borre)

Limited seating available for each sector (academia, industry, and students, first come, first served basis).

Please see attachment for more information. You will find information about registration on page 13.