KSEE 2018 - Systems Engineering in the Digital era

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This year the Kongsberg Systems Engineering Event (KSEE) shall be exploring some of the tools of the digital era and how they impact the Systems Engineer.

14 Jun

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We shall be joined by experts on areas from uses of  Big Data to the Digital Threads helping companies internal processes. We shall also discuss how we can address the new opportunities and challenges which these technologies are raising across many fields, from autonomous systems to cybersecurity and knowledge management.

Our two day conference is an excellent platform where you can engage with the relevant activities and networks in these fields, through inspiring and informative speeches and case studies from experts and leaders, as well as discussions on how the Systems Engineering community can work together to embrace such Digital Transformations.


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Speaker information

Keynote speakers

Bhuvan. Photo.

Dr Bhuvan Unhelkar

Big data Strategies for Agile Business

Big Data is characterized by 4 V’s : Volume, Velocity, Variety and Veracity. These characteristics in themselves are not sufficient to generate Value for organizations. Value is defined through Business Agility - the ability to make faster and more accurate business decisions based on the Analytics.

This keynote presentation argues for the phenomenal importance of a 5th V from Big Data, "V for Value" - and presents the outline of a Big Data Framework for Agile Business (BDFAB v2.5) as a holistic approach to adopting Big Data for business value.

Loek. Photo.

Loek Vradenberg – CTO IBM

AI and Cognitive Technologies and how they are changing the way we work and live

Society is in the midst of a digitization push that the world has never seen, and we have only just started. AI and Cognitive technologies are changing the way we use machines, the way we view the world and the way we engineer new products and systems. This presentation will go through the impact these systems are having on IT solution system design and architecture as well as discuss some of the areas where IBM is making great strides in different industries.

Conference Speakers

Anoop. Photo.

Anoop Sharma

AI & Analytics playing pivotal role in Digital transformation

Anoop is leading Cognizant’s AI and Analytics practice in Nordics. He is a thought leader in the field of AI and analytics with experience of many complex data and digital transformation activities and programs.

Mulholland. Photo.

Dan Mulholland

Safeguarding Legacy Control and Safety systems

Trinity Systems describes the challenges facing end users when considering how legacy systems can be protected against a new world threat. Baselining current process control and safety system functionality for upgrades or operational efficiency can allow the definition of normal operation patterns, to allow the identification of abnormal behaviour for CyberSecurity monitoring support.

maged helmy. photo.

Maged Helmy 

Big Data & Machine Learning in Computer Networks

In this seminar, we will discuss how BlueTree leverages the power of machine learning and advanced artificial intelligence techniques to predict when networks will fail and why they failed. Furthermore, with the advances in modern computing and development of smart algorithms, we will discuss how to utilize computer resources to process billions of data points in a matter of seconds.


Jason. Foto.

Jason McFarlane

Autonomous Shipping - the technology, the challenges, and the journey ahead

Over the last few years autonomous technology has frequently been in the headlines, mostly surrounding the automotive industry but more recently, and especially in Norway, surrounding the maritime industry. There has been a sudden explosion of autonomous vessel concepts and related initiatives starting with the announcement from Yara and KONGSBERG regarding the world's first fully electric and autonomous container ship: Yara Birkeland. This presentation will give an introduction to the KONGSBERG perspective on autonomy and explore some of the important aspects of autonomous shipping including key technologies, challenges being faced, and a glimpse of some of the concepts that are announced.

Wilfired. Photo.

Wilfried Pimenta

Enabling the true internet-of-Things through the Machine Economy

Wilfried Pimenta heads Global Business Development at the IOTA Foundation. He engages with corporations and institutions to explore the potential of the IOTA Tangle, an opensource Distributed Ledger Technology Beyond Blockchain. Designed from scratch for the Internet of Things, the protocol aims at becoming the backbone for the Machine to Machine economy. With IOTA, connected devices and sensors can now communicate peer to peer securely and trade real time with one another without any transaction fees. With a corporate ecosystem including multinationals such as Bosch, Volkswagen, Fujitsu, IOTA also acts as co-creation hub and enables radical business model innovation across all smart industries including mobility, energy, industry 4.0, smart cities, smart supply chain, eHealth and more. Wilfried is based in Oslo, Norway, holds a MBA from INSEAD and Msc from NTNU



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