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Training and assassment - 5th workshop

Integrating Emerging Technologies Into Education, Training, and Assessment.

06 Jun

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  • Dato: 6. juni 2017
  • Tid: Hele dagen
  • Sted: Campus Vestfold, Campus Vestfold

See full programme and more information here (pdf).

We would like to welcome you to the 5th workshop in training and assessment.

Advancements in technologies have dramatically altered the maritime domain and the role of humans working within maritime systems. New technologies, automation and computerized systems have improved the overall productivity and efficiency of operations and transportation in the maritime industry. However, the development has also significantly increased the complexity and interdependencies of the system which have created new challenges for seafarers and maritime operations. Several conflicting goals needs to be considered, weighted, and coordinated. In addition, complex work tasks with a high level of interdependencies demands a greater level of coordination, knowledge and skills among all operators. Lack of appropriate training may result in inadequate, unsafe actions, resulting in significantly increasing the vulnerabilities of the systems and sequentially bring significant human, financial, legal, and reputational losses.

The maritime industry has integrated technologies such as ship simulators and computer-based training applications for decades to educate, train and assess seafarer competencies. However, the rapid development of advanced technologies has the potential to make a profound impact upon the maritime industry and the effectiveness and efficiency of seafarer education. This workshop’s aim is to discuss how emerging technologies are currently utilized, and how it can be further exploited and applied within the maritime industry.

A wide range of technologies are relevant: headset technologies such as virtual/augmented reality glasses, artificial intelligence, and physiological assessment of operator performance can provide benefits to the industry. Important discussions that need attention will be covered such as the added value of new technologies, its disadvantages, how it will affect individual working conditions (i.e. skill requirements, social relations etc.), economical and legal implications and stakeholder’s interests.

See full programme and more information here (pdf).