Activities and Culture in Social Work

The 20th SocNet98 International University Week will be held at the University College of Southeast Norway from 16th to 20th of April 2018. This year our topic will focus on activities and culture in social work. Welcome to Norway!

16 Apr

Practical information

  • Date: 16. April 2018 - 20. April 2018
  • Time: All day
  • Location: Campus Porsgrunn

We hope this topic will allow a wide variety of approaches to activities within methods in social work, as well as different experiences using activities and culture regarding different challenges.

The main goal for the IUW 2018 in Norway is to let students and teachers interact with other students and teachers. We would like to  give an opportunity to share  experiences and establish contacts for studies and research in social work.

Our students and teachers have made a program for all participants with focus on culture. Bring your good shoes and warm jackets – part of the program will be outside!

We have also prepared Workshops with mixed student and teacher groups, with the purpose of regarding the topic from different perspectives and generate new solutions. If you have current issues from different perspectives of culture in social work in your country – please bring them to the workshops.

Accomodations for students

The students will stay in a hostel in the outskirt of our neighboring twin-city Skien. The hostel is integrated in a leisure center called Skien Fritidspark. There will be 4 to 6 students in each room. Breakfast is included.

If you need to be met on Sunday afternoon contact Anne Thronsen.

Accomodations for teachers

For teachers we have made an agreement with Clarion hotel Bryggeparken in Skien.

Bed and breakfast will be NOK 950,- (approximately 95 €) per night. Rooms will be held until 15th of March 2018, so please make your reservations directly with the hotel before that date. The reservation must be done by phone (+47 35912102) or by mail ( Use the code 1090GR005641.

When arriving (Sunday afternoon) the teachers leave the bus/train at Skien. Tell the bus driver which hotel you are staying at and he will stop close to the hotel.


To register please fill out our registration form. Here you will find information about terms and prices.

How to get to Porsgrunn/Skien?

We expect everyone (students and teachers) to arrive Sunday 15th of April, and leave on Friday 20th of April.

Our Campus is situated in Porsgrunn, but both students and teachers are staying in Skien.


Norway has two airports with international connections nearPorsgrunn/Skien:

  • The closest airport to Porsgrunn/Skien is called Sandefjord Lufthavn TORP (TRF). International routes are SAS/Wideroe, KLM, Norwegian and Ryanair. It’s about 45 minutes by bus from Torp to Porsgrunn/Skien.
  • Oslo Lufthavn Gardermoen is the main airport with all international routes. It’s located north of Oslo, and it’s about 3,5 hours by train to Porsgrunn/Skien. For more travel information by train NSB and by bus NOR-WAY.