International webinar conference MaCE

Key Note Speaker Michelle Fine is a Distinguished Professor at City University of New York. Fines research interests goes hand in hand with the research philosophy in MaCE. She has vast experience in participatory action research and studies of social injustice and resistance, particularly in the context of urban education. Through the years Fine has contributed to generate and spread knowledge and awareness of young people’s experiences in school, and her observation of how the school system is silencing and framing students that don’t fit into the social and cultural categories preferred by schools.

08 May

Practical information

  • Date: 8. May 2019
  • Time: 09.00 - 14.00
  • Location: Campus Porsgrunn



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For those joining us at campus, there will be tea/coffee and a bun from 08.30.


09.00 Opening and welcome by the MACE coordinator and Vice Rector Jarle Tommy Bjerkholt, USN 

09.15 What is MaCE?- and overview,  MaCE-Coordinator Mette Bunting, USN

09.30 Co-creating with students. Practical examples from the Online teaching course, Face-to-face and Writing- seminars, by Associated Professor Sidse Hølvig Mikkelsen and Associated Professor David Thore Gravesen, both VIA

10.00 “The Indirect Approach”. Examples and students’ experiences from interviewing marginalized young people, by Associated Professor Geir H. Moshuus and Assistant Professor Kathrine Bordevich, both USN

10.30 Short break

10.40 How to develop this further in Higher Education, working with young people and in research, by Associated Professor Kaz Stuart, UoC and professor Mette Bunting, USN

11.10 Students about MaCE, by student Co-researcher Debbie Terras (UK), Marie Møller Skau (N) 

11.30 Lunch

12.00 Co-creating Knowledge, Diversity and Democracy, by Professor, Michelle Fine, CUNY Graduate Center, New York City, USA.

13.50 Final words, Vice Leader of Department of Educational Science Meryl Sønderby Lillenes, USN

Live streaming

The webinar will be streamed live on youtube.