Corona virus: Information for student and staff

Koronaviruset - bilde

Finally, we are back to a normal life on campus! The requirement to keep your distance from each other or to wear a face mask is lifted. Students and staff can use the campuses as they would normally do.

Teaching and other activities can now be carried out on campus, without keeping distance and wearing face masks. All office spaces can be used, and meetings and other events can be held as before the pandemic.

National rules applicable from 12th of February:

  • There are no longer requirements or recommendations to keep your distance or for the usage a face mask.
  • If you have respiratory symptoms, it is recommended that you get tested. If the test is positive, you should stay home for at least four days, and be fever-free for at least 24 hours before coming to campus. This applies to adults. There are other recommendations for children.
  • If you are unvaccinated or belong to a risk group, you should wear a face mask if it is difficult to keep your distance from others.

More information on the Government's website.

Infection control is still important!

Although most of the restrictions have been lifted, it is recommended that you follow the following advice:

  • Practice good hand and cough hygiene
  • Say yes to vaccines
  • Stay at home in case of illness
  • Test for covid-19 for new-onset respiratory symptoms
  • Pay attention to each other. If you meet a person with a face mask, you should respect that he/she wants to keep distance.

The staff

The staff can work on campus as normal. Although many are happy to be able to return to campus and to a more normal work situation, there will be some who, due to their own or relatives' health situation or for other reasons, want to be restrictive with how many people they associate with. We must take this into account and facilitate digital participation in all meetings and events.  

It is expected that many will become ill in the coming weeks. In some cases, it may therefore be appropriate to introduce measures to prevent too many people from becoming ill at the same time, for example, by taking turns working from home. The manager and staff must agree about the practice in each individual case.


There will be a small number of written school exams at USN in the spring of 2022. Most exams are conducted as digital home exams. Dates and exam formats will be published in Studentweb by 1st of March. The self-declaration scheme in the event of absence from the exam will also apply this spring.


Students who are in practice must follow the rules for testing, face masks and other infection control measures in place at each individual practice location.  

USNs Emergency Phone for corona

The emergency telephone is answered Bjørnulf Stokvik, Ingrid Reitan, Merete Varpe og Inger Lene Solheim. It is important that the phone number is only in use in situations where it is urgent to contact the emergency management. Employees and students should first seek information on the website or from their immediate supervisor.