What is the semester fee?

The semester fee is a statutory fee for all students. It covers the operation of the Student Welfare Organization and the costs of copies and printouts. It also includes a voluntary SAIH (Norwegian Students’ and Academics’ International Assistance Fund) fee that you can choose whether you wish to pay.

Any student who registers for an examination must pay the semester fee. There are some exceptions from this rule:

  • Exchange students from our international partner institutions (because they usually pay to the institution they come from)
  • Students on some continuing and further education programmes
  • PhD students
  • Students who are only going to take a re-examination in weeks 1 and 32.

You can create the invoice for the semester fee yourself on StudentWeb. 

Payment deadlines

  • 1 September for the autumn semester
  • 1 February for the spring semester
  • The same deadlines apply to any refund of the semester fee. You can request a refund of the semester fee if you have paid the semester fee under another institution, or if you withdraw from the study programme. If you have withdrawn from the study programme before the deadline, you will be reimbursed the full amount. If you have paid under another institution, only the amount paid to the Student Welfare Organization will be refunded.

  • NB 1: The semester fee is assessed every semester and may change.
  • NB 2: Continuing and further education may entail extra fees in addition to the semester fee
  • NB 3: Some study programmes may require additional study-specific fees such as money for materials.
  All students
(except online students)    
Online-only students     
Semester fee to the Student Welfare Organization  NOK 450 NOK 450
Semester fee to the Student Welfare Organization  NOK 332 NOK 172  (Only kopinor fee)
SAIH (optional)    NOK 40 NOK 40
Semester fee NOK 822 NOK 662

(Concerning online programmes, only students on programmes without meetings are considered to be online-only students)