Fire and safety

If the fire alarm is triggered, further messages will be issued over the loudspeaker system. Use the emergency exits that are marked with green signs. Get to know where the emergency exits are located. The stairs in the atrium are not to be regarded as an emergency exit.

The assembly point for everyone is Kirktorget (if circumstances indicate)

Fire instructions

In the event of fire you must take the following measures:

  • Warn people: Activate the nearest manual fire alarm.
  • Save lives: Try to save people who are injured or for other reasons are unable to leave the building.
  • Extinguish the fire: If possible, try to extinguish the fire with available extinguishers.
  • Close windows and doors: Close windows and doors before leaving the building.

When the alarm sounds, do the following:

  • Calmly exit the building and go to the assembly point on Kirketorget
  • Close all doors and windows on the way out
  • Do not use a lift!
  • Use the nearest exit/emergency exit
  • Use any fire hoses and/or extinguishers to extinguish the fire and/or prevent it spreading


If you observe something/someone who seems suspicious or you are having problems of any kind, the reception on the 5th floor can always be contacted on 31008070.

Important phonenumbers:

Local emergency services:

Fire: 110

Police: 112

Ambulance: 113

If you need to contact USN in an emergency situation, you can call 31 00 89 00Read here for more important phonenumbers. Emergency response plan contains important and useful information.

The safety of our employees and students are important to USN. Plese read here for more information about how to react and behave during a crisis.