Beate Lie Sverre

Associate professor

Faculty of Health and Social Sciences
Department of Nursing and Health Sciences
Campus Drammen (4212)
My name is Beate Lie Sverre. I am an anthropologist and a registered nurse, and I work as a assistant professor at University of SouthEast-Norway, USN. My professional interests are mainly into the dicipline of Migration-health and Culture- and contextsensitive care. Other topics that I am enganged in are healthpromoting and public health, welfare-policy, professional healthcare, interdiciplinarity and healthcare-services and health-reltaed transitions among old people. I participate in the researchgroup ELDREFORSK, which focus on health-reltaed transitions among old people, and I'm a "campuscontact" in Drammen into the researchgroup.



  • Migration-health
  • Culturesensitive healthcare
  • Healthpromotion and public health
  • Health- and welfare-policy 
  • Theory of proffessions and interdiciplinarity
  • Medical Anthropology
  • Qualitative research; narraive ethnography, participant observation
  • Philosophy of science 



  • Nurse - RN
  • Social anthropologist  - Cand Polit (UiO)
  • Ph.D. (UiO)


  • Projectleader in an actionresearch-project "Academic Language-cafe". The aim is make good arenas for learning for international students and to strengthen the educational competance in tutoring students who have Norwegian as a second language. (USN, des.-17- des.19)

  • Prosjectproposal HELSEVEL/NFR: "Does the structural organisation of care affect pathways in municipal services for older people with mental health/substance use disorders?" (USN/UIA - Application sent febr.-18)

  • Ph.D. project: Migrasjon og helse - En etnografisk studie av eldre pakistanske kvinner i det norske samfunnet. PhD avhandling UiO. (2009-1016)
  • Evaluationproject EVASAM: "Evaluation of "Samhandlingsreformen - St. meld. nr 49" and its effects on the municipality as a healthpromoting and sicknesspreventive actor - The organisation of public health in general and specifically in municipalities with numerous immigrants."  (NIBR/HBV [NFR]) (2013-2015)


  • Hougen, Martinsen, Ssanova, Sverre. (2018). Kronikk: "God helse for alle er et felles ansvar. Vi må legge til rette for gode fellesskap, også for eldre immigranter." 31.05.18.

  • Sverre, Beate Lie. (2016). Migrasjon og helse - En etnografisk studie av eldre pakistanske kvinner i det norske samfunnet. PhD avhandling UiO. Oslo: Universitetet i Oslo.

  • Sverre, Beate Lie, Solbrække, Kari Nyheim, Eilertsen, Grethe (2014). Stories of pain and health by elderly Pakistani women in Norway. Scandinavian Journal of Public Health 42, 15. P.96-97.

  • Poster presentation and abstract. Stories of pain and health. “7th Nordic Health Promotion Research Conference”. HiVe, Norway. 17/06/2013 - 19/06/2013.

  • Oral presentation and abstract: Doing Health– Toward a Narrative Ethnography of Experiences among Elderly, Pakistani Women with Muscular-skeletal Pain in Norway. ”Norsk Antropologisk Forenings Årskonferanse Oslo 2011”. 07.-08.05-2011.

  • Oral presentation and abstract: Living In-between and Doing Health – Elderly Pakistani Women in Norway.”21st Nordic Congress of Gerontology – Dilemmas in Aging Societies”. 10.06-13.06.2012.

  • Oral presentation: Living in-between and Doing health - Elderly Pakistani Women. NAKMI 18.09.2012.

  • Sverre, Beate Lie. (2005). Disiplinering til et kall? Et antropologisk blikk på sykepleierutdanningen i den norske velferdsstaten. Hovedfagsoppgave. Oslo: Universitetet i Oslo.

  • Oral presentation: Relasjonen minoritetsstudent og lærer i en høgskolekontekst. Rekruttering til og tilrettelegging for minoritetsspråklige til høyere utdanning. HiBU