Kjersti Brathagen

Assistant Professor

Faculty of Humanities, Sports and Educational Science
Department of Culture, Religion and Social Studies
Campus Porsgrunn (D-2114)


Research interests

My current reasearch interests include inter- and transnational institutions and practices, International Relations theory, Human Rights History and the History of Human Rights Education, right-wing ideologies in the twentieth century and transitional justice.

Research groups and research networks

  • Human rights and diversity (USN)
  • Politisk kultur (USN, medlem) (Political Culture)
  • Nordic Human Rights History Network (UiO)
  • Research Network of "Nordic Branding", part of UiO:Norden (UiO)
  • Nasjonalt nettverk for samfunnsfagsdidaktikk (National network for social sciences and history didactics)
  • The Nordic Network for the History of Education (Uppsala)

Areas of teaching and supervision

Human rights history and the history of human rights education

Global history, as theory and with particular focus on early European expansion

International organisations, from a historical and current perspective

History didactics and methods (digital and analog)

Norwegian and international history (world, global and international), 1750-today 

Extreme Right-wing ideoligies in the first half of the 20th century 

Peer reviewer for Human Rights Education Review; Nordic Journal of Human Rights


Brathagen, K., From Global Ambition to Local Reality: Initiatives for the dissemination of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Norway, 1948-1952, Nordic Journal of Human Rights, 2018, vol. 36, issue 3, pp. 237-251.

Mariager, R., K. Molin and K. Brathagen (eds.), Human Rights in Europe during the Cold War, Routledge 2015.

Brathagen, K., Competition or Complement to Universal Human Rights? The Norwegian position on a European Convention on Human Rights, 1945-51. I Mariager, Molin og Brathagen (eds.), Human Rights in Europe during the Cold War, Routledge 2015.