Nanna Natalia Karpinska Dam Jørgensen

Faculty of Health and Social Sciences
Department of Health, Social and Welfare Studies
Campus Vestfold (C3-63)



Key competence, specializations, research interests and affiliations

PhD Fellow in Health Sciences (under Prof. John Eade, Prof. Tor-Johan Ekeland and Assoc. Prof. Catherine Lorentzen)

Project: The implications of long-term long-distance walking in a nature and social context along St. Olav’s Way in Norway

Researcher, lecturer, writer, translator, supervisor

MPhil in Human Development (under Prof. Richard Alapack and Prof. Em. Dankert Vedeler)

Dissertation: El Camino Santiago: Walking oneself to wellbeing, reclaiming and reinforcing one’s spirit:

Self-selected specialization: Developmental Art Therapy

Research interests Pilgrimage walking, health promoting research, transculturalism, social behaviour and love

Affiliations Cultural Heritage (Vestfold Fylkeskommune, Tønsberg, Norway)

Health Promoting Research Group (University of South-East Norway, Campus Bakkenteigen)

Person-Centred PhD Seminars (University of South-East Norway, Campus Drammen)

Methodological Forum (Volda and Molde University College, Norway)

Religion Psychology Research Group (University of Oslo, Norway)

Interdisciplinary Research Group on Travel (Concordia University, Canada)

Western Norway Graduate School of Educational Research II (University of Bergen, Norway)



2015-2019: PhD in Health & Social Sciences, Volda University College, Norway

2018: Advanced course in quantitative methods and mixed methods (Molde University College)

2018: The Science and Practice of Person-Centred Research (University of South-East Norway)

2017: Structural Conditions for Professional Practice (Volda University College, Norway)

2017: Qualitative Research Methods (University of Bergen, Norway)

2016: Ethics and the Philosophy of Science (Volda University College, Norway)

2005-2008: MPhil in Human Development, NTNU, Trondheim, Norway

2007: Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods, Theory of Science and Ethics, Thesis and Self-selected specialization

2006: Social and cultural aspects of development: Lifespan Development; Development of the higher psychological functions and the Vygotsky tradition; Epigenetic approach to development; Socio-cultural human change processes                       

2005: Biological and cognitive aspects of human development: Dynamic systems theory; Theories and Development of Perception, Action and Cognition; Connectionism; EEG and Balance control.

2001-2002: Art therapy and Psychology studies (Identity theory, Mental support for disabled children, Psychosomatic diagnosis, Space and human behaviour, Bilingualism, Lateralization (Polish state grant), University of Warsaw, Poland

2001-2001: Gender studies: State, Gender and Organization; Gender and Culture (Nordplus grant), University of Stockholm, Sweden

2000-2000: British Lexicology, Literature, Civilization, Society and Culture (Erasmus grant), University of Caen, France

1997-2000: Cand.mag./Bachelor of Psychology, Art history and World Literature, University of Oslo, Norway

1994-1997: IB (International Baccalaureate), Skagerak and Sandefjord Upper Secondary School, Sandefjord, Norway


Research stances

2015: Institute of Heritage Sciences under Prof. Cristina Sánchez-Carretero, Santiago de Compostela, Spain

2015: Centre for Health Promotion Research under Prof. Geir Arild Espnes, NTNU, Trondheim, Norway

2015: Institute for Health and Society under Prof. Gunnar Tellnes, University of Oslo, Norway



2010-2010: Diplomatic Intern (Ministry of Foreign Affairs grant), Royal Norwegian Embassy, Vilnius, Lithuania

2003-2004: English and Norwegian culture teacher (Comenius grant), Pallavicino Didactic School, Palermo, Italy

2001-2002: Art activator (Voluntary), Starówka Child and Leisure Home, Warsaw, Poland

2001-2002: Art Therapy trainee (Polish state grant), Centre for Culture Animation, Warsaw, Poland


Work experience

2015-2019: PhD Fellow, Volda University College, Norway

2013-2015: Roma-Amor (Independent research project), Rome, Italy

2012-2013: PhD Fellow, Centre for Integrated Care and Telemedicine, Tromsø University Hospital, Norway

2011-2012: Freelance translator and proof-reader, Vega Forlag, Oslo, Norway and K-Dictionaries, Tel Aviv, Israel

2009-2010: Health and work supervisor, Personnel House, Tønsberg, Norway

2009-2009: Health, work and rehabilitation consultant, Competence Development, Porsgrunn, Norway

2008-2008: Art and specialist education substitute teacher, Unneberg School, Sandefjord, Norway

2008-2008: Norwegian Level 1- 4 teacher, The Evening School, Sandefjord and Tønsberg, Norway

2008-2008: Subject teacher for Polish immigrant children, Byskogen, Kongseik and Træleborg, Tønsberg, Norway

2007-2007: Norwegian Level 2 teacher, The Evening School, Tønsberg, Norway

2007-2007: Italian Level 1 teacher, The Evening School, Sandefjord and Tønsberg, Norway

2006-2007: Student supervisor and professor assistant, Dep. of Psychology, NTNU, Trondheim, Norway

2006-2007: Italian course teacher for new beginners, AOF, Trondheim, Norway     

2006-2006: Norwegian, English and Social science teacher, Centre for Adult Learning, Trondheim, Norway

2005-2007: Italian course teacher for new beginners, The Evening School, Sandefjord and Tønsberg, Norway

2002-2005: Juridical interpreter, Oslo Police Department, Oslo, Norway

2002-2003: Freelance interpreter and translator, Norwegian Language Centre, Oslo, Norway

2001-2001: Old care assistant, Sandefjord Municipality, Norway

2000-2000: XX by Mexx Winter Collection Photographer, Creneau International, Brussels, Belgium

1999-1999: Survey interviewer, Norwegian Gallup Institute, Oslo, Norway

1994-1997: Office assistant, Solheim Driving School, Sandefjord, Norway



2018: Stress coping (Helseparken, Sandefjord, Norway)

2018: Conflict management (Forskerforbundet, Loseby, Norway)

2017: Memory techniques (Hjernekraft, Oslo, Norway)

2017: Rhetoric and presentation techniques (Forskerforbundet, Tromsø, Norway)

2016: First Aid (Volda University College, Norway)

2012: Conflict management (Oslo University Hospital, Norway)

2012: Patient participation, communication and interaction (Centre for patient participation & interaction, Oslo, Norway)

2008: Spanish Level 1 and 2 (Larvik Folk University, Norway)

2006: Pedagogic theory and training in art and psychology (NTNU, Trondheim, Norway)

2005: Morten Krogvold Photography Course, Vågå Photo Academy, Vågå, Norway     

2004: Italian Advanced Level, La Scuola di Gonzaga, Palermo, Italy

2003: Media & Communication (University of Oslo, Norway)

2002: Basic interpreter techniques and ethics (Norwegian Language Centre AS, Oslo, Norway)

2001: Art therapy for chronically ill, Dance and movement therapy (Centre for Culture Animation, Warsaw, Poland)

1997: Study & Learning techniques (University of Oslo, Norway)



2005-2008: Italian Level 2 and French Level 2 (NTNU, Trondheim, Norway)

Norwegian and Polish (mother tongues), English (A-level), Italian (B-level), Spanish and French (C-level)


Personal interests

Art, psychology, research, literature, photography, film, cooking, dancing, sports, travelling, walking, Camino Santiago



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10.2018: Diagnosesetting har ikke alltid helsegevinst for øye, In Utdanning, 11:


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12.2010: The Way of Camino Santiago: Walking oneself to wellbeing, reclaiming and reinforcing one’s spirit,

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06.2006: Essays on Human Development, Trondheim: NTNU Trykk (341 p.).


Conferences and presentations

2018: Pilegrimsvandring som friluftsterapi - en (ny) invitasjon til å satse på 'grønn resept', Forskning i Friluft, Tønsberg, Norway

2015: Kan (pilegrims)vandring forebygge sykefravær blant personer med psykiske lidelser?, Social Welfare Research Seminar, Asker, Norway

2015: Helsefremming gjennom pilegrimsvandring i en natur og sosial kontekst, Public Health Conference, Oslo, Norway

2015: Gåterapi - eller (pilegrims)vandring på grønn resept, World Mental Health, Sandefjord, Norway

2015: Camino Pilgrimage as Self-therapy, Sacred Journeys 2, Oxford, England

2015: Walking Pilgrimage as Therapy, Selje pilgrim association, Norway