Tine Viveka Westerberg

Tine Viveka Westerberg

Project Manager

Faculty of Technology, Natural Sciences and Maritime Sciences
Department of Maritime operations
Campus Vestfold (D3-54)
Tine Viveka Westerberg is an Assistant Professor of Maritime Management and works as a project manager on several projects at the University College of Southeast Norway. She graduated from Deakin University with a Master of International Relations, and has worked with international higher education and research cooperation since 1998. As the Head of International Office at Nord University she was heavily involved in Arctic and circumpolar cooperation, mainly focussing on education and business cooperation with Russia and the US. She has specialised in maritime and energy management and skills development as a project manager, and as a lecturer and researcher. She has worked in several InterReg-projects and has been part of various EU and international activities related to education and research on several maritime areas. She has extensive experience in cross-border cooperation. While working in the High North she was part of several international and circumpolar projects where the marine and maritime was central parts of the cooperation as they are both essential in Norway's economy. Her main focus has been international study programs, internships and knowledge sharing across borders. As a project manager and competence advisor for the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association she was part of the team responsible for the maritime research, education and training both onshore and onboard ships and rigs. She was the project manager for several national projects focusing on bringing the industry and the education and research providers closer together, including the initiative Global Maritime Knowledge Hub (www.marhub.no), Maritime Trainee (a cross-sectorial trainee program for the Norwegian maritime cluster, www.maritimtrainee.no) and "Maritim Karriere" (a national recruitment and information campaign, www.maritimkarriere.no). She worked closely with the national stakeholders within maritime education and research, including the education and training institutions, national authorities and the maritime industry. She was a central part of creating a national strategy for lifelong maritime education and research - from apprentice to professor. During her period in the NSA she was also involved in the development of a national research strategy for the maritime domain based on the input from the needs of the industry. This strategy is now adopted by the Norwegian government as the national research strategy for maritime research. She is currently an expert in the EU expert group on "Skills and career development in the Blue Economy". She is also a member of Shippingforum and the Ocean Industry Forum Oslofjord Competence Committee which is working on building a competence cluster in the Oslofjord area. In her current research project "Future Blue Competence" she is mapping what the main stakeholders in Norway define as the future maritime competence.


Course responsible for the following courses:

  • FEIMI10 Introduction to the Maritime Industry
  • SL-OMS2000 Organisation and management of a shipping company
  • FE-SAC2000 Shipboard administration and cultural awareness
  • FE-SAM2000 Safety management and organisational theory
  • FEOFT30 Maritime Offshore Technology
  • FE-BAT3000 Bachelor Thesis
  • FEIPL39 International Placement
  • FENPL39 Industry Placement
  • FE-MAC39 Maritime Clusters
  • MM-MAC Maritime Clusters

Project Manager

Researcher of maritime competence

International Liason Officer for the Department of Maritime Operations

Represents USN in Ocean Industry Forum Oslofjorden - Competence





  • Higher Education Pedagogy (module 1 of 3 completed), University College of Southeast Norway
  • Master of Human Resource Management, Nord University, Norway
  • Higher Education Management, NTNU - Norwegian University of Technology and Science, Norway
  • Master of International Relations, Deakin University, Australia
  • Human Resource Management, Bodø University College
  • Cand. Mag (BSc with Honours) in Political Science and Law, Bodø University College, University of Western Sydney and University of Oslo



2011 -                    Assistant Professor / Project Manager, University of South-Eastern Norway

2015 -                    Visiting lecturer, Liverpool John Moores University

2012 -                    Guest lecturer, Nord University

2007 – 2012          Project Manager and Competence Advisor, Norwegian Shipowners’ Association

1999 – 2007          Head of International Office, Bodø University College

2006 -  2009          Director of Education and Research Development, Consumer Energy Alliance

2003                      Project coordinator, International Office, Deakin University

1998 – 1999          Project Assistant, Bodø International Summer University,

                              Head of Students International Office, Bodø University College



2016 -                    Project Manager, Joint International Summer School

2013 - 2017           Project Manager, Joint International Master Program

2014 - 2015           Project Manager, Markom2020 marketing - www.maritimkarriere.no

2011 – 2012          Project Manager, Markom2020 South East - www.markom2020.no

2008 – 2011          Project Manager, Norwegian Maritime Summer School

2008 – 2011         Project Manager, Student Day, Nor-Shipping - www.nor-shipping.no

2007 – 2012         Project Manager, Maritim Karriere - www.maritimkarriere.no

2007 – 2012         Project Manager, Maritim Trainee - www.maritimtrainee.no

2007 – 2012         Project Manager, Global Maritime Knowledge Hub - www.marhub.no

2007 – 2009         Project Manager, Subsea engineering project with Russia for the Norwegian oil and gas sector.

2005 – 2007         Project Manager, InterReg Project Barents 2010, Work Package 3, www.barents2010.net

2004 – 2007         National Coordinator Norway, Erasmus Mundus Project «Barents Education Network»

2001 – 2002         Project Coordinator, Working Group for Student Recruitment, Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund



2016 -                    Member of Expert Group on Skills Development and Careers in the Blue Economy, DG MARE, European Commission

2007 -                    Member of the Competence Committee, Ocean Industry Forum Oslofjord (previously Maritimt Forum Oslofjorden and Oslo
                              Maritime Network)

2008 – 2015          Advisory Board Member, Ocean Talent Camp / Nor-Shipping

2008 – 2011          Board Member, Gateway College, Norway

2007 – 2012          Board Member, The Norwegian Shipowners’ Association’s Fund at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH)

2007 – 2009          Advisory Board Member, BI Shipping

2007 – 2009          The Norwegian Association of Higher Education Institutions’ representative in the Norwegian Erasmus Committee

2004 - 2007           Founder, and head, of Northern Norwegian Network of International Officers "Nordflanken"

2001 – 2005          Board Member, Bodø University College Housing Foundation

2001 – 2002          Member of the Ministry of Education and Research’s working group for a Norwegian Internationalisation Strategy on Higher

2000 – 2001          Co-founder and Board Member, Norwegian Network of International Coordinators






  • Presentation of "The future maritime competence" at the Norwegian Shipowners Associations HRM conference, Oslo.
  • Presentation on "The future maritime competence" to the Norwegian Shipowners Association Summer School, Oslo


  • Presentation of "The future maritime competence" at the Norwegian Maritime Officers’ Association member conference.
  • Workshop on "The future maritime competence" for HRM-managers in offshore engineering companies with the Norwegian Shipowners Association
  • Speaker during Arendalsuka on "From mate to innovator. The role of ratings in the innovation process in the maritime industry".
  • Presentation on "The future maritime competence" to the Norwegian Shipowners Association Summer School, Oslo
  • Workshop on "The future maritime competence" for HRM-managers in shipowning companies with the Norwegian Shipowners Association


  • Fjærli, B.A.B., Øvergård, K.I. & Westerberg, T.V. (2015) "Maritime Managers of the Future – What do They Think is Good Leadership?" In: Transnav Volume 9, number 1, pp. 107-111
  • Speaker at thematic session on “Maritime Skills and Employment” at the EU’s European Maritime Day, Greece
  • Presentation, "The importance of life-long learning in the maritime industry", Det norske maskinistforbunds Annual meeting, Stavanger, Norway
  • Presentation, “Higher Education Institutions contribution to regional competence building”, Oslo Maritime Week, Norway


  • Track Manager, “Education, Work Life and Internationalisation”, Norwegian National Internationalisation Conference, Norway


  • Presentation, “Norwegian Maritime Industry’s Recruitment Projects”, Scandinavian Maritime Conference, Norway


  • Case on “Global Maritime Knowledge Hub”, in Jakobsen, Erik W. (2011) En kunnskapsbasert Maritim Næring, in Reve, T. og Sasson, A. (2011) Et kunnskapsbasert Norge
  • Presentation, “Placement Mobility”, SIUs Education and Work Place Conference, Norway


  • Presentation, “Does the exchange students get a good enough product”, NOKUT’s national conference, Norway


  • Presentation, “Competence Projects in the Maritime Cluster”, MUF conference, Germany


  • Presentation, “Quality needed in Maritime Education”, MUF conference, Norway


  • Presentation on “Experiences from working with the USA in Higher Education”, SIU seminar, Norway
  • Paper, “Using ECTS as a tool in education cooperation”, Conference “International Cooperation in Higher Education the High North Dimension”, Norway


  • Presentation, “International Education and Research Cooperation in the High North”, Erasmus seminar, Norway
  • Paper, “Using Summer Schools as a tool for internationalisation” at University of Life Sciences, Norway
  • Workshop Manager, “Using Summer Schools as a tool for internationalisation”, EAIE Conference, Switzerland
  • Workshop Manager, “Writing quality brochures”, EAIE Conference, Switzerland
  • Paper, “Using ECTS as a tool in education cooperation”, Norwegian-Russian Higher Education Conference in St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Presentation, “Cooperation in higher education and research in the High North and Circumpolar studies”, Norwegian-Canadian Workshop in Ottawa, Canada.
  • Co-writer of report commissioned by the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research on the use of ECTS in higher education cooperation with Russia