Oleksandr won "Utforsk 2018" with a microchip for the treatment of retinal disorders.

Oleksandr Dubroliubov took his research from the hi-tech micro-nano lab at USN to the stage. He won "Utforsk 2018", a competition for PhD-students at Department of Microsystems.

SMALL THINGS CAN SOLVE BIG PROBLEMS: Oleksandr Dobroliubov designs a microchip, that will be used to test the optical and chemical properties of a photoactive protein-film based implant.

Oleksandr is from Ukraine, and took his masters degree in Micro and Nanosystems Technology at USN.

In this video he talks about his work, together with his supervisor professor Erik Andrew Johannessen.

Watch YouTube-playlist with Oleksandr and the other finalists on stage.