Responsibilities and Participation

The responsibility for efforts concerning the quality of education is placed at all levels in the organisation.

The University Board adopts the study portfolio annually and has the overall responsibility for ensuring that USN has a systematic approach to work on quality. The board shall ensure that USN has a satisfactory quality system for educational activities.

To ensure continuity and follow-up of objectives by means of priorities and initiatives, work on quality is fully integrated in USN’s management. The university management, at all levels, has a responsibility for work on quality and shall contribute to the development of a quality culture among employees and students.

Below is a general description of roles and responsibilities for work on quality. Specific tasks and activities are described in additional routines and job descriptions. Each employee is responsible for actively taking part in work on quality and contributing to the quality culture in his or her own unit.

Responsibility cannot be delegated, but tasks can be delegated.