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Master’s grant to study sustainability

USN has established a new master’s grant for students writing their theses on sustainability.


About the grant

  • The master’s grant is a trial arrangement for 2022.

Illustrasjon: motta stipend for masteroppgave om bærekraft

Who can apply?

  • All master’s students at USN who are looking to incorporate a perspective on sustainability in their theses may apply for a grant to fund purposes that will support their projects.
  • Students enrolled in all master’s programmes at USN may apply, regardless of their subject field.
  • Both full-time and part-time students may apply.

How big a grant can you apply for?

  • The total grant amount for 2022 will be NOK 200,000, with a maximum of NOK 25,000 for each individual grant.
  • Grant awards will be made in two stages:
    • The first half will be paid when the grant has been approved 
    • The second half will be paid after your thesis has been submitted and you have written a short (approx. 1 page) popular  summary. 

What can you apply for?

  • In order to obtain funding, your project must address sustainability, and preferably the concept of sustainable transition. If your project is specifically cross-disciplinary, or contributes in any way towards collaboration between groups with contrasting viewpoints on sustainability, it will be assigned priority for a grant award.
  • The funds may be used towards travel expenses, data gathering, equipment, books or attendance at courses and conferences.

When can you apply?

  • There are two deadlines for grant applications; 1 March and 1 October.

How do you apply?