Norway’s newest university

USN – Norway has a brand new University. Illustration.

University of South-Eastern Norway (USN) is the newest university in Norway, and with 18.000 students, USN becomes the fourth largest university in Norway. USN was established on the 4th of May 2018.

NOKUT’s expert committee has endorsed the University College of Southeast Norway to become University. The endorsement was treated by the NOKUT board April 26th.

The final decision was approved by the King-in-Council on May the 4th 2018.

The new name is University of South-Eastern Norway.

What does this mean for me as a current USN student?

The University College will go down in history and all of our 18000 students will graduate and get a degree from a University already this Spring.

What does it mean if I wish to apply for a study programme at USN this autumn?

You will be able to get a University education at one of our eight campuses, Vestfold, Porsgrunn, , Drammen, at Notodden, Kongsberg, Rauland and Ringerike.

Your graduation papers will come from the University of South-Eastern Norway.

What happens now that we are a University?

There will be a celebration across all our eight campuses and students are welcome too! There will also be celebrations during semester start.

What does a university status mean long term?

To get accredited university status certain criterias related to education, research, maintenance, organization, infrastructure and facilities needs to be fulfilled.

"We know that high academic quality is attractive in itself and will enhance our ability to recruit students and good professionals. University status also gives increased self-determination and greater opportunity to develop our own study programmes in line with the needs of society. This is an important factor in strengthening our ability to work with industry and international partners as well as benefitting the students”, says Rector Petter Aasen.

What did NOKUT say about us?

In the NOKUT report that evaluated USN’s university application, it was stated that "the students have high priority at USN, therefore USN is a good place to be a student. This was confirmed by everyone we met on our campus visit, and is also clear from the study data and statistics included in the application".

NOKUT also emphasized the close connection between USN and the local business community in the region: "Cooperation with the local community is outstanding and it was encouraging to see how much this cooperation also included students at both the master and PhD level”.

"Much of this will be reinforced as we become university, but the accreditation process has shown us that we also have challenges we need to work on. Nevertheless, the students should benefit from going to one of the country's largest universities, while at the same time having the benefits of being "small" because we have decentralized campuses", says Rector Petter Aasen.