Electrical Power Engineering

Electrical Power Engineering

Do you want to explore the technology behind sustainable energy solutions, as well as how to regulate energy supply that is based on hydro power? Become an expert in hydro power and power supply!

Study level
Exchange Courses
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30 ECTS Bachelor level
Start up
Spring 2019

Why study Electrical Power Engineering?

Sustainable energy use in the future requires greater focus on electrical systems as energy carriers. Our master program is anchored in hydro power, which is the most effective form of renewable energy.

Hydro power is also easy to regulate, which means that the social value of hydro power is higher than that of many other power sources.

Where can I work?

As an Electrical Power Engineer, you can work in power production, power transmission and distribution, larger industrial enterprises, supply industry for electric equipment and in consulting engineering.

What you will learn

The subjects in this exchange programme will provide a solid base on how electrical power systems are constructed and operated. The necessary design requirements for equipment and quality control (voltage quality) of the general energy supply are included in the studies.

Central topics of the programme deal with control technology to ensure safe operations of a power system and to deliver the required quality of power supply. The academic content is balanced to allow the candidates to work on both operating and rehabilitating/renewing existing systems, as well as developing Smart Grid and similar solutions so that business can run in a “socially responsible way”.

Why study at USN

We offer a Electrical Power Engineering study that is unique in the way that it is aimed at system operators with a deep understanding of the physics of the components in a power system and its operational control.

The local business community will be involved throughout this programme, from guest speakers from our partnering institutions to visiting with relevant companies in the community.

Admission requirements

Exchange students from our partner institutions can apply for subjects on Bachelor and Master level at USN. In the field of Electrical Power Engineering, the following courses listed above are available.

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