Exercise and Health Management

Exercise and Health Management

A practical and theoretical approach to understanding the Norwegian Health Model and relevant contexts performing physical activity.

Study level
Exchange Programmes
Closing dates
April 15
30 ECTS Bachelor level
Start up
Autumn 2019

Why study Exercise and Health Management?

This program is a full time study programme and focus on benefits gained from being physically active in a life span cycle. Experiences from using physical activity as a tool to improve health in different Norwegian health and fitness contexts and in the work place will be covered. In addition, the courses will draw upon experiences from health promotive work carried out in different sports contexts to obtain better health in society.

What you will learn

The content is related to different group’s needs of managing and changing life style and using physical activity as a tool to regain or contribute to improve health. Project management development and apprenticeship is a central learning method used to gain increased knowledge on the Norwegian health system and work life and social laws regulating health and sick leave. Most common health issues among employees will be addressed. Adapting physical activity for disabled or groups with different needs and experiences with physical activity in prisons will also be focused. Practical sessions covering aqua-fitness, climbing, outdoor activities and yoga are some examples of classes given in these modules. Finally, theoretical fundaments of communication and motivation will be covered in connection with the courses.  The courses will be a combination of practical and theoretical work.

The program may be included as part of a program in Sports, PA or health promotion. 30 ECTS.

Course plans:

Admission requirements

The programme is open to international exchange students studying at one of USN's bilateral partner institutions. Exchange students must have completed at least 60 ECTS or equivalent within  relevant health and exercise education programs and be officially nominated by their home university, to enrol.

Target groups are students from nursing, physiotherapy, rehabilitation therapy, social workers, PE teacher students or sports students.

Admission to the programme requires a good command of the English language, both spoken and written. An English proficiency equivalent to B2 (Cambridge) level is recommended.

More information about nomination and application procedures can be found here.


Study facts

Full time – Vestfold


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