Natural Science, Life Science and Technology

Natural Science, Life Science and Technology

How has life on earth arisen? How does our body function? Natural science concerns the origin and diversity of life, basic physics and chemistry, and earth science.

Study level
Exchange Courses
Closing dates
Autumn: April 15
30 ECTS Bachelor level
Start up
Autumn 2019

Why studyNatural Science, Life Science and Technology?

This course aims to increase understanding, knowledge and critical thinking regarding everyday issues as well as global themes by exploring the role and applications of Natural science in our lives, in school and in society.

What you will learn?

This course includes biology, chemistry, physics, geology and technology aimed for primary school. Teaching and learning of natural science are central themes throughout the course. International perspectives are included, especially regarding diversity of life and environmental concerns. Throughout the course, laboratory methods and field methods suitable for primary school are given central stage. The relevance of science for society, technology, critical thinking and environmental concerns are highlighted. Altogether six modules are set up to represent the breadth of science in school:

  • The nature of science and evolution of life
  • Human body and life science
  • Chemistry
  • Physics and technology
  • The universe and the earth, including environmental concerns
  • Diversity of life

Why study at USN?

USN offer an informal and student friendly environment. Our campuses are small with an open-door policy where our staff dedicates time and attention to each student. USN offers a safe living and study environment as well as a multicultural society where English is widely spoken. Our programs are focused on practical study methods with a problem-based approach that should help students to prepare for real-life situations.

Further study opportunities

This course is offered as an elective course in our ITEPS program.

Admission requirements

The programme is open to international exchange students studying at one of USN's bilateral partner institutions. Exchange students must have completed at least 60 ECTS or equivalent within the relevant study field, and be officially nominated by their home university, to enrol.

Admission to the programme requires a good command of the English language, both spoken and written. An English proficiency equivalent to B2 (Cambridge) level is recommended.

More information about nomination and application procedures can be found here

Study facts

Full time – Drammen


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