1-year programme in Clay-Art and Design 1

1-year programme in Clay-Art and Design 1

Do you want to learn how to shape, design and work with clay? The study programme and its courses offer continuing education for teachers of arts and crafts in the primary and lower secondary school. Students may take the one-year study programme (60 ECTS) or the individual courses separately (15 ECTS each).

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Study level
Exchange Programmes
Closing dates
Autumn: April 15
Spring: Oct 15
15 - 60 ECTS
Bachelor level
Start up
Spring 2020

Why study Clay, Art and Design?

Clay, Art and Design provides the basis for personal development, and for developing awareness regarding the subject’s possibilities and values in relation to the individual, school and society. Shaping clay, working with utility objects, clay in a contemporary and ethnographic perspective, sculptural expression, raku-firing in self-built wood kilns and work with installations are important topics in this study programme.

Årsstudium i leire – Kunst og design 1

What you will learn in Clay, Art and Design 1

Clay, Art and Design 1 covers basic skills in working with and forming clay. The study programme focuses on design and modelling of utility objects and sculpture. The four courses included in the study programme are divided into: throwing objects on a potter’s wheel, modelling sculpture, ethnographic knowledge and skills, and how clay is used in the modern/contemporary area. Firing techniques and knowledge of glazes are also covered.

Students will further develop their knowledge, experience and creative skills to strengthen their capacity to understand and experience aesthetic values related to the material, art, environmental art, material, communication, function, and didactics. The study programme will develop awareness of the subject’s possibilities and values, where man, learning, culture and environment are central.

The study programme and its courses offer continuing education for teachers of arts and crafts in the primary and lower secondary school. It is also suitable for:

  • students who wish to teach at folk high schools, music and art schools or similar.
  • students who wish to take a multidisciplinary Bachelor’s degree.
  • students who wish to pursue an education in the field of art and design.

Further study opportunities

After finishing clay, art and design 1 we offer the continuing course Clay,Art and Design 2.

This specialization study programme emphasizes knowledge and skills in creative work using clay. It focuses on practical creative work in clay where students can acquire motor skills, technical and aesthetic knowledge in a continuous process from idea to finished product. Students will acquire an understanding of the relationship between function, form, surface and colour, and aesthetic expression.

Admission requirements

The programme is open to international exchange students studying at one of USN's bilateral partner institutions. Exchange students must have completed at least 60 ECTS or equivalent within the relevant study field, and be officially nominated by their home university, to enrol.

Clay, Art and Design 1: Students must meet general admission requirements or apply for admission on the basis of prior experiential learning. Clay, Art and Design 1 may be included as part of a self-composed Bachelor’s study programme. The study programme builds on general admission requirements or prior experiential learning.

Clay, Art and Design 2: Clay, Art and Design 1 or equivalent university college course within art, design and crafts. Suitable prior experiential learning may qualify for admission and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The study programme may be taken as part of an independent advanced study programme.

Admission to the programme requires a good command of the English language, both spoken and written. An English proficiency equivalent to B2 (Cambridge) level is recommended.

More information about nomination and application procedures can be found here.

Study facts

Full time – Notodden

  • Teaching Language: Norwegian with tutoring in English.
  • Semesters: 2- Autumn and Spring
  • Charge No tuition. A fee of NOK 1800,- to cover material costs will apply.
  • Admission requirements Read prerequisite requirements


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