Webinars for International Students (USN)

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Here you can find recordings from webinars for international students.

In this page we upload webinar recordings and other material for our international students. Not all webinars are recorded - so be sure to take them live and ask questions.

We invite to these webinars through our Facebook group.  Click on the heading for recorded webinar.

1. "Meet Your Buddies" (trunkated as we started recording a bit too late), 19th of June, 2020.

2. Meet the Student Welfare Organisation of South-East Norway (25.06.2020)

3. Academic Writing (1.7.2020)

4. USN Library Services (8.7.2020)

5. Academic Culture in Norway (15.07.2020)

6. Smart Study Habits (24.07.2020)

7. International Office (pdf) (now updated for spring 2021)

- Webinar 13.01.21

* Please note that what SSN said about needing a test once you leave the quarantine hotel to recieve your keys is not the case, you only need to get tested upon entry to the country.

8. How to Prepare for an Online Semester at USN (see under)

- PP in PDF

- Webinar, part 1

- Webinar part 2

9. Norwegian Culture (11.8.2020) - no recording

10. Job-seeking in Norway (Maija Heinilä) - no recording yet (more dates coming)

11. Crack the Language Code - Learn Norwegian Effectively

12. Covid19 and Norway (Prof. Jörn Klein, 5.11.2020)

- Quarantine rules in Norway

13. How to Cope with Stress (pdf)

14: Academic Writing - part one (7.10.2020)

- presentation (pdf)

15: Academic Writing -  part two (15.10.2020)

16. Know Your Rights as USN Student

17. How to Master Digital Oral Exams at USN

18. How to Take Digital Exams in Wiseflow

19: How to secure a job in Norway (20.01.2021)

How to secure a job in Norway (pdf)

20. Academic Writing part 1 and 2 (10.-11.02.2021)

Information about webinar (pdf)

Part 1


Part 2


21: Avoid Cheating in Exams and Papers

22. Introduction to Wiseflow