International summer schools

Sommerskolestudenter ved Campus Ringerike. Foto.
Students at Campus Ringerike Summer School.

Participating in a summer programme is a great opportunity to gain international experience during your studies, and might also be a chance to get a study abroad experience for those who for some reason are unable to go on a regular exchange programme.

The summer schools are arranged from mid-May until Mid-June, when the exam period at USN is due.

Due to the spread of the Covid-19 ("Coronavirus") the USN international summer schools 2021 will be cancelled.

Our summer school programmes

Who can participate?

All students that has completed at least one year study (60 ECTS or equivalent) are eligible to participate. 

Prior approval of courses

The summer programmes may be approved as a part of your degree if you get a pre-approval of the courses from your programme coordinator.


There is no additional course fee for attending the summer programme. Participants should expect extra expenses related to travel and accommodation. No extra funding from Lånekassen is available for Norwegian students who participate.

The summer programmes is a taste of what it's like to be a student in an international student group, you will gain new experiences and get new friends – across academic disciplines, borders and language barriers!