International Summer School in Environmental Arts

International Summer School in Environmental Arts

This programme is designed for International students studying to become teachers, artists and creative individuals from all walks of life. The language of instruction is primarily English.

Study level
Summer school
Closing dates
Start up
Summer 2019

Why study environmental arts?

The main objectives of this four week intensive International summer course are to encourage students creativity and artistic talents. Enabling them to create sculpture and installations in a natural environment. These artistic practices may be connected up to environmental issues and topics related to sustainability, recycling and renewable energy. The course will be run by the internationally acclaimed Environmental Artist Stuart Ian Frost

Successful completion of this study programme will provide students with an International Module in Teacher Training; the study programme may also form part of a Bachelor’s degree in Art and Design. It may also be used when applying for Master’s studies in the Arts, when combined with other study programmes.

Examples of work from previous courses can be found at our new website.

Course 1: Art in Nature I, 10 ECTS (Spring) (pdf)

Admission requirements

Approval from the student's home institution.

Study facts

Part time – Notodden


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